WWE Smackdown Results (5/22): Daniel Bryan Sets Up Dream Match, New Number One Contenders, More MITB Qualifiers!


WWE Smackdown Results
May 8th, 2018
Worcester, Massachusetts
Report by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com.

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This week SmackDown Live kicks off with The Miz and his Miz TV segment, which he says is all about exclusives and he has two. Firstly, on July 24th, his new series, Miz, and Mrs will debut, he leads a “Miz TV” and “Miz and Mrs chant.” His other exclusive comes from his guests, The New Day, with the group here to tell everyone which member will enter the Money in the Bank ladder match. Miz says the group doesn’t know a good opportunity when it presents itself and wants to know who will be wrestling in the ladder match. On the count of three, each New Day member said they would be competing. Miz claims they have never reached their full potential as they hold each other back, but Xavier Woods thinks that is the difference between them and Miz. Woods puts over Miz’s accomplishments, claiming he is a living legend but says the reason people don’t like him is that he always puts himself first.

Miz states the difference is that he has won the briefcase and cashed it in, slamming Kofi Kingston for being in six matches and failing to win any. Miz then moves on to Big E, saying he has undeniable ‘it’ factor, but says he won’t be taken seriously because he doesn’t take himself serious. Miz now moves onto Woods, putting his YouTube channel over and botching the Fortnight game name, and says each of them has the chance to go down as a great champion, with the contract. The New Day once again dodge the question which angers Miz, who then rants that he can beat anyone of them, any day of the week. Kofi then states that it will be “E,” Miz thinks this means who will be competing in the ladder match, but New Day doesn’t mean that, they mean a match, tonight, against The Miz. He replies by saying if he doesn’t get what he wants, New Day don’t get what they want. The group then pelt Miz with pancakes screaming “Shame” just like Game Of Thrones. The former Intercontinental Champion stumbles back into Gorilla Position and is met by Paige, who tells him to go back and have the match, which will happen next.


This is a first time ever match and Xavier Woods is on commentary stating they are not announcing who is competing so they can have an advantage. Big E uses his strength to dominate Miz and then uses his dancing hips to catch him out, throwing him across the ring. Miz has clearly seen enough, luring E in for a test of strength before kicking him in the gut, but The New Day member quickly takes back control, stomping him to the tune of “New Day Rocks.” Big E then hits a huge splash on Miz on the ring apron whilst his teammates declare it to be “a round” and treat him like a classic boxing match. The Miz has had enough of the jokes though and sends Big E into the barricade to gain some breathing room between them.

Back from the commercial, Kofi Kingston has swapped with Woods on commentary, but in the ring, Big E catches Miz and hits several impressive overhead belly to belly’s, which he follows up with another huge splash. Miz rocks E with a big kick and attempts another move, but instead gets planted by Big E who once again shows his strength. Miz smartly attacks the knee of E, knocking him down to his knees and following it with a DDT. Big E almost then hits his Big Ending finish, but Miz avoids it and the pair take each other out. The Bar then appear and a huge brawl starts outside the ring with a major Brogue Kick taking out Kofi, the distraction gives Miz an opening and he hits his Skull Crushing Finale to defeat Big E.

Winner: The Miz (With interference from The Bar)

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