WWE Smackdown Results (5/22): Daniel Bryan Sets Up Dream Match, New Number One Contenders, More MITB Qualifiers!



Sonya Deville shows her MMA background earlier, quickly taking down Naomi and looking for some early pinfalls, but the more experienced, Naomi manages to kick out easily and shows great athleticism when being planted to the ground by hitting the splits to stop the move causing a problem. Deville rocks Naomi with a major Spear in order to keep up the control of the match though as she follows it up with a big knee to the spine. Deville continues to look good by hitting a spinebuster, it has been a totally dominant display from the former MMA star so far.

With that said, Naomi continues to try to fight back, starting to trade big kicks with Deville which leads to a double kick that knocks both women down. Sonya is the first to her feat as she hits some sharp knees, but Naomi manages to reverse and get the win with a roll up seemingly out of nowhere, bringing an abrupt end to a match that was dominated by Deville.

Winner and qualifies for women’s Money In The Bank: Naomi


Renee Young catches up with Jeff Hardy who said he was super excited about having another opportunity as he can do things with a ladder that others can’t, yet he is taking things one step at a time and that starts with Daniel Bryan. Samoa Joe, who will face the winner of the main event then makes his way to commentary.


As both men made their entrances, Samoa Joe made it clear on commentary that it’s all a moo point, as whoever wins has to step in the ring with him next week. Both Hardy and Bryan show some sportsmanship to kick off the match by shaking hands and immediately work into some back and forth holds to try and gain an early advantage.

Back from the break and the pace has certainly picked up with Bryan unleashing some of his famous kicks as he sends Hardy to the outside, but misses with the knee dive as Hardy then flies off the ring apron himself to take out Bryan. Daniel Bryan then catches Hardy on the top turnbuckle and puts him in the tree of woe, but Hardy creates some space to hit his Whisper In The Wind, but Daniel kicks out. Hardy looks for the Twist of Fate, but Bryan reverses and attacks Hardy’s injured knee which has been causing him problems lately and the Yes kicks are brought out in full force, but his final one misses and he is rocked by a Twist Of Fate. Hardy attempts a Swanton Bomb but Bryan gets the knees up and finally hits his last kick to perfection, but the United States Champion kicks out. Bryan then goes for the running knee finish but Hardy avoids it and Bryan then hits several uppercuts and then rips down on the injured knee of Hardy before locking in the Heel Hook and Jeff taps out as Bryan sets up a dream match for next week.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Bryan’s celebrations are cut short by Joe who immediately comes face to face with him and asks what he is celebrating becaus enext week he faces Joe as the pair face off for what should be another incredible main event next week.


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