WWE SmackDown Results (5/7): New Tag Team Champions Crowned, WWE Title On The Line, More!


WWE Smackdown Results
March 7th, 2019
Report by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com

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It doesn’t take long for the first “wild card” of the night as AJ Styles makes his return to SmackDown Live to kick off the show as he says he has missed SmackDown Live. AJ discusses the “wild card” rule, which gets boos from the fans.

AJ says SmackDown Live is still the house that he built which brings out the next wild card… Sami Zayn. Sami says he doesn’t want to be here (which makes no sense given the wild card storyline), but he claims that he knew AJ would do something like this which is why he has appeared because he needs to talk to AJ about his toxic ego.

AJ mocks Sami for being thrown into the dumpster last night, joking that he should have taken a shower before turning up tonight. Before Sami can respond properly, The New Day make their way down to the ring. Kofi says he is hurt that AJ didn’t invite him out to have a party with him, and mocks AJ for his catchphrase, adding that Styles doesn’t live here anymore.

Kofi wants to know what AJ is doing here tonight, with Styles pointing out that Kofi turned up on Raw last night, saying that he is returning the favor. Xavier then tells Styles to calm down as Kofi points out that he is the champion now and once again asks Styles what he wants to do about it.

However, before the inevitable happens, Sami Zayn gets involved and points out that the fans are not happy for him, claiming Kofi is caught in a trap trying to please them by giving away title matches when he doesn’t need to, and that if anybody deserves a shot, it is him, because the people need a champion who will tell the fans the truth.

Kofi says he defended his title last night to show everyone that WrestleMania wasn’t a fluke and he considers himself to be a fighting champion and he wants to defend it again tonight against either AJ or Sami. Kingston says it doesn’t matter which one it is, he will end the night still the WWE Champion.


Kevin Owens is shown in a car saying he doesn’t want to deal with this crap tonight because it is his birthday, so he won’t be here as he is going home to celebrate his birthday.


It’s time for the first bit of action tonight and Andrade starts out with a big slap to Ali, which the former 205 Live Superstar responds to with a Superkick. Ali then looks to hit a highflying move to the outside but Andrade doesn’t allow it and instead, the two men end up on the outside.

Ali attempts to dive from the barricade near the timekeeper’s area, but Zelina Vega gets in the way, with the distraction allowing Andrade to swipe Ali’s legs, sending him crashing awkwardly into the timekeeper’s area. As we return from the break, the match quickly comes to an end as Randy Orton appears and blasts Ali from behind.

The Viper then looks to take out Andrade but Vega grabs his leg allowing Ali to put up a fight against Orton, but it quickly ends with a major RKO. Andrade then looks to take out Orton, bouncing off the top rope, but he is also caught with an RKO as the WWE veteran is left standing tall.

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