WWE SmackDown Results (6/12): 10-Woman Tag Main Event, Three First Time Ever Matches, Miz As Special Referee & More



Paige was seen walking backstage where she bumps into Asuka who claims she wants Carmella tonight, but Paige won’t do that, instead, making the eight-woman tag later on into a 10 woman tag, adding Asuka and Carmella. She then bumps into The Miz who is dressed as a referee and wants to be the special guest official for the Samoa Joe vs Rusev match and Paige makes it happen after a funny backstage segment.


Jerry Lawler says he was watching last week when he saw AJ Styles slap Shinsuke Nakamura, and AJ said he lost his cool and he said he is sorry… sorry he didn’t knock Nakamura’s head off as this isn’t a playground, it’s the house that AJ Styles built. Styles says if Shinsuke wants to act like a child he can, but he will continue to act like a man, the last man standing and promises he will walk out as he walked in, as WWE Champion.


Aiden English introduces Rusev mocking both The Miz and Samoa Joe with his introduction song and he makes his way to the ringside area with the Bulgarian Brute. In the ring, both men start things with a physical tone. Rusev takes an early lead, taking the fight to Rusev outside the ring, but with his attempt to get back in Joe catches him with a sharp kick which he follows up by flying between the ropes to dive onto Rusev. Back into the ring and Joe locks in a submission, although Rusev smartly fights out of it, though his attempt to clothesline Joe out of the ring is only met by the former NXT Champion who body checks him and goes back to the submission.

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Despite a small effort from Rusev, Joe once again floors Rusev with a huge clubbing blow to the ear of Rusev, but Rusev once again reads Joe’s thoughts well and reverses and begins hitting some big kicks which is followed up by a running tackle into the corner.  He then goes for the Machka Kick but Joe avoids it and locks in the Coquina Clutch, but Joe ends up taking out The Miz and then floors Rusev but Miz won’t count it. Joe grabs The Miz but whilst that is happening, Joe turns around into a Machka Kick and Rusev earns a major victory ahead of Sunday.

Winner: Rusev 

Following the match, Aiden English introduces a ladder and Rusev uses it as a weapon to take out Joe before he scales the ladder, only to be dragged down by Miz who rocks Rusev with a Skull Crushing Finale and then goes on to grab the briefcase and gloat with it at ringside.

Miz gives the briefcase to Byron Saxton who informs him it is just full of pancakes and Miz loses his cool whilst New Day are shown backstage finding the entire ordeal hilarious.

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