WWE SmackDown Results (6/12): 10-Woman Tag Main Event, Three First Time Ever Matches, Miz As Special Referee & More



Another first-time ever match takes place on the blue brand this week and after some early back and forth it is the United States Champion who heads into the break with the momentum, flinging himself toward Nakamura on the outside. Yet upon Smackdown’s return, Shinsuke Nakamura has a submission locked in as Jeff manages to fight back with his classic diving legs to the chest against Nakamura.

Nakamura then caught one leg of Jeff but he spins and hits another, knocking Shinsuke into the corner, but the number one contender reverse yet again and places the champion over the top rope but once again he avoids the move and hits Whisper In The Wind though Nakamura manages to kick out, just in time. Hardy then tries to go to the top rope again but Nakamura knocks Hardy off the ropes and then looks for the Kinshasa, though Hardy reverses with a huge Twist of Fate follows by a Swanton Bomb though he takes too long to go for the pinfall and Shinsuke gets his foot on the bottom rope.

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Hardy once again attempts the Twist of Fate and he is met with a low blow from Nakamura who gets DQ’d and follows it with a deadly Kinshasa as he begins counting Jeff Hardy with a nod to this weekend’s last man standing match.

Winner: Jeff Hardy (by DQ)


The Women’s Champion is seen backstage as Renne Young asks if she is concerned about the match tonight, Carmella laughs it off as she is the champion and she goes through the fact that Charlotte beat Asuka and she beat her twice, so she is not concerned.

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