WWE SmackDown Results (6/12): 10-Woman Tag Main Event, Three First Time Ever Matches, Miz As Special Referee & More



Renne Young is joined backstage by Big Cass who immediately stops her from talking and addresses the fans, telling people about his day. He claims he was paid to be at the opening of a rollercoaster saying he thought it was a good way for the SmackDown roster to bond, but claims one person doesn’t meet the height requirement, that is Daniel Bryan. Cass claims he will beat Daniel Bryan and says it won’t be a rollercoaster of a match, it will be a freefall drop and if Bryan tries to get to his level, he will come crashing right back down.


The match kicks off with Naomi and Sonya Deville who rocks her opponent with a kick early doors, but the more experienced wrestler eventually takes control and brings in Lana who drops Deville but she brings in the SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella who is met by straight fire from Becky Lynch. The Irish Lasskicker gains total control but is distracted by Deville allowing Carmella to make a tag and The IIconics his some impressive double team work on Lynch.

The heel team does a good job of isolating Lynch, keeping her in their corner, not allowing the tag to take place as Billie Kay controls the pace of the bout whilst the faces attempt to get the fans to rally behind her. Lynch eventually creates a little separation with a big kick and manages to tag in Charlotte Flair who takes out everyone in the other corner as she dominates The IIconics inside the ring, rocking Peyton Royce with a Spear. She attempted to follow that with a Moonsault but Royce got the knees up and Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville quickly change things up, taking out everyone other than Asuka who Charlotte manages to tag.

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Asuka comes into the match fired up, but Rose attempts a reversal only to be locked into the Asuka Lock but everyone heads into the ring to break things up and the match totally breaks down with women fighting everywhere. Charlotte climbs to the top rope and hits a huge Moonsault to the outside to take out The IIconics but that is evened out by Rose and Deville who throw Lynch into the barricade. Back in the ring and Carmella almost steals a victory to pin Asuka but Lana breaks it up at the last minute and she locks in the Asuka Lock and forces the Women’s Champion to tap out.

Winners: Asuka, Naomi, Lana, Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch


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