WWE SmackDown Live Results (6/11): New Day Is Back Together!



Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville are shown backstage, mocking Ember Moon for living in a fantasy world, eventually leading them to smash her iPad out of her hands as they walk away, leading Moon to scream.

Daniel Bryan says that everyone is in for a real treat tonight because the Planets Tag Team Champions are putting titles on the line against the YOLO County Tag Team Champions in a unification match. However, before the match against the jobbers can take place, Heavy Machinery make their way out.

Tucker says that they get it, the champions are trying to duck them for a tag team title match, with Otis calling them elitist cowards. Bryan says they haven’t done anything to earn the opportunity and Bryan encourages them to earn a shot by facing the YOLO Champions.


Tucker makes light work of the first man, tossing him out of the ring before Otis takes out the other, following it up by hitting the Caterpillar. Tucker then returns to the action, launching one of the jobbers in the air to be caught by Otis, leading to the Compactor double finish.

Winners: Heavy Machinery

Carmella and R-Truth are shown backstage as Truth goes on about how the ‘7/11 Championship’ is ruining his life, and Carmella makes him hide inside a box, but she accidentally locks him in it,  having to leave him for her match.

Jinder Mahal then pretends to be Carmella and claims he is going off to get help.

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Carmella starts the match out on fire, hitting a dropkick which she follows up by throwing her into both turnbuckles, but after a quick breather, Deville starts to get some offense in, catching Carmella with a series of knee strikes.

Deville then hits a massive knee to the face of Carmella, but she is unable to score the three count. Deville then goes for a Jackknife cover, but Carmella reverses it into her submission finisher yet Rose puts Deville’s foot on the ropes.

Carmella gives chase to Rose and eventually sets up both Rose and Deville on the outside as she hits a massive suicide dive to take out both of them. As Carmella tries to get back into the ring, Mandy once again gets involved holding her foot until Carmella hits a Superkick,

However, the distraction works out as Deville hits a step up knee strike to get the victory.

Winner: Sonya Deville


Alexa Bliss is shown backstage as Nikki Cross joins her, which leads to Bliss asking if she is okay. Bliss says that a lot of hurtful things have been said about Cross on social media, and says that she can have payback tonight as she has got Cross a match against Bayley tonight. Bliss encourages Cross to see the faces of the bullies on social media and tells Cross not to hold back.

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