WWE SmackDown Live Results (6/11): New Day Is Back Together!



The New Day is on the microphone, as Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston plug the fact that today is the ‘actual’ return of Big E! He says that he is BACK…again. E says that the way things are going, if he got a title everytime he returned from injury he would have as many titles as Charlotte Flair.

Woods then asks Kofi Kingston what happened when he faced all three men in singles matches… he beat em! Kofi says that the same result will happen at Stomping Grounds when he will remain the WWE Champion.

This leads to Dolph Ziggler appearing, saying that he put Kofi on a pedestal and says that he betrayed him and that worst of all, he betrayed himself. Ziggler says there is only one reason he is still WWE Champion, and they show the clip of Xavier Woods getting involved in their match.

Zigler says at Stomping Grounds, there will be nobody to help save him and then the world will know what he has known all along, that without his friends, Kofi could never beat him. Kofi says that Ziggler forgot to show the footage of him kicking Woods in the face first, asking if he didn’t expect him to retaliate.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn then appear, and Sami says the one thing they can’t stand is injustice, which is what is going on here. Zayn says if he had kicked Kofi in the face to help Kevin Owens become WWE Champion, everyone would have been complaining for injustice, yet here every one is fine with it.

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What it tells him, is that the ‘disgusting’ people have no morals and don’t care about justice, and all that matters is who they like and who they don’t like. Zayn says they only care about righting wrongs. Big E says that speaking of enjoyment, they all enjoyed Seth Rollins beating him down with a chair last night.

Big E says this WWE Title run isn’t about them, it’s about a man who is willing to run through fire to show what he does. Kingston says that at Stomping Grounds the time will come to kick ass and take names, and the name he will take is Dolph Ziggler’s.


Aleister Black says there is still nobody at their door. He says they don’t have to fight over trivial things, it can be simple. Black then opens the door and screams out, begging someone to pick a fight with him.


Nikki Cross starts out the match in an aggressive manner, but Bayley quickly fires back, taking it to the outside with a diving dropkick through the bottom ropes. She attempts it a second time through the turnbuckle but Cross catches the champion in the ring ropes and starts beating down Bayley.

Back from the break and Cross continues to act in an aggressive manner, but she is unable to get the best of the Women’s Champion and Bayley then goes to the top rope and points at Alexa Bliss as she delivers a major Elbow Drop to gain the victory.

Winner: Bayley

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