WWE Smackdown Results (6/19): Matt Riddle Debuts In A Major Way, Bray Wyatt Returns, Sasha Banks In Action & More


WWE Smackdown Results
June 19, 2020
Orlando, FL

AJ Styles started the show with the Intercontinental title on a podium in the ring, with about a dozen other wrestlers surrounding the ring. He bragged about his incredible victory last week, and demanded that Daniel Bryan be the one to put the belt around his waist for the first time. “You don’t have to do it – if you’re a coward, you’re a coward.”

Bryan admitted that Styles was the better man last week, and said he had the opportunity to become the greatest IC champion of all time… if he works hard, shows up every week and defends the title against all the amazing WWE Superstars around the ring. Styles said only a select few would get a shot, and the next person to step up and get in his business would pay the consequences.

BRO… Matt Riddle came out and told Styles that while he may be the “Face That Runs the Place”, from now on Riddle would be the “Bro That Runs The Show”. The champ threw hands and Riddle fought him off, sending him running for the hills after launching into a deadly series of kicks and strikes.


Riddle immediately rushed the champion and took him to the mat, pelting him with punches and knees. He hit a series of gutwrench suplexes, rolling through each one, then nearly took the man’s head off with a straight kick to the head! Styles tried to beg off in the corner, but again got rushed with a flurry of punches. Basically a completely one-sided fight until Styles caught him with a dropkick, then just chopped him in the throat. Riddle got tackled over the ropes and crashed into King Corbin at ringside, and the two nearly came to blows.

Styles was in control after a commercial, catching Riddle coming back into the ring and working him over with various rest holds. Eventually Riddle fought back and caught him in the rear naked choke. They went back and forth with pinning combinations, the champ locked in the Calf Killer, but they rolled into the ropes. Styles rolled outside and shoved Daniel Bryan into a group of Superstars, but hit the ropes and got caught with the Bro Derrick! 1… 2… 3.

Winner: Matt Riddle

The roster celebrated with Riddle after the match as Styles crawled up the ramp in total shock. Still to come, Mandy Rose is the special guest on MizTV.


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