WWE SmackDown Live Results (7/31): Charlotte Flair Returns, Orton Strikes Again, The Bar vs The Usos, More!



Samoa Joe is now here and says he thinks AJ is familiar with his favorite form of communication. He says the truth be told he respects him and the house that he built and that he has made the title the most prestigious in WWE.

Joe says AJ has put being champion in front of friends and even in front of being a member of his own family, which he finds funny after he told a story about his daughter last week. Joe says he knows the truth, that is AJ is barely home long enough to hug his child let alone talk lovingly to her.

Samoe Joe says AJ is more comfortable living out of a suitcase than being a husband, he says for all the sacrifice, he is coming soon to take it all from him because come SummerSlam AJ’s family will be cheering for Joe. He claims that when he is done with AJ his family will have him back, but he will be champion.


The former United States Champion returns to SmackDown and wastes no time, calling out Randy Oton says he wants to get his hands on him. However, as Hardy prepares to fight Orton, Shinsuke Nakamura appears and boots Jeff’s head from behind.

Nakamura then looks to go for a Kinshasa but Orton steps in his way for a moment but then lets him hit it before getting in his face once again. Randy then pumps up the crowd and seems to be setting up for an RKO but instead simply flips Jeff to the floor and begins attacking different limbs.

Randy then hits his DDT from the second ropes and follows that up with another DDT to the floor from the ring apron, wiping out Hardy. Orton then rips away Jeff’s famous wrist tape and then rags the necklace from his neck before pouring water all over his face paint.

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