WWE SmackDown Live Results (7/31): Charlotte Flair Returns, Orton Strikes Again, The Bar vs The Usos, More!



Renee Young asked Becky Lynch how she feels about Charlotte being potentially added and she says that one on one she knows she can beat anyone, but she never roots against her best friend.


Zelina Vega starts things off by shoving Lana, but she responds by taking Vega down and pounding onto her until Vega escaped to the outside. Back from the break and Vega is in firm control with a sleeper hold until Lana crushes her into the turnbuckle.

Vega immediately throws Lana back into the turnbuckle herself and she hits Andrade “Cien” Almas’ infamous running knee move, but Lana manages to kick out just in time. Vega then set up for the Hammerlock DDT but Lana reversed and started picking up some momentum of her own.

Lana then attempts to climb up the turnbuckle but Andrade Almas jumps up to the apron, however, Aiden English runs down and takes him out, yet Lana was distracted and Vega picks up a roll-up win.

Winner: Zelina Vega


Aiden English found Lana and said sorry as it was an accident and he leaves before Rusev gets to talk to him. Rusev says it wouldn’t have happened if he was out there, but Lana turns it on him saying she needed him and he wasn’t there.


Daniel Bryan says last week WWE announced a monumental thing, WWE Evolution. He said he feels proud of Brie, she was in the ring when that hashtag started and said they have fought for respect and that this is a huge step forward. He claims that whenever we take two steps forward, we always take one step back.

He said for two years Miz taunted him because he thought there was a wall as he couldn’t compete. But then he was cleared! That is when the protective wall came crumbling down, so instead, he brought his wife out and what he thought was his very own baby.

Bryan said it was his attempt to build another wall because Miz knows if they had a fair fight, he would destroy the Miz and calls him out to prove him wrong. Miz is then shown backstage with security, saying he thought Bryan would have known this isn’t the indies anymore.

He said he is an elite talent, if Bryan wants him, then he should call his agent if he wants a match. Bryan says he wants a fight and Miz is hiding, which proves what he said all along, that he is a coward. Miz reminds Bryan what happened the last time he called him a coward, he says that Bryan walked away.

Miz said he knows that Bryan only wants this because it carries him, he has done it since he was a pro during his NXT time, but for Bryan, this is about passion, yet he claims that for Miz it’s about fame. He says that the dream of being a sports entertainer turned film star has been done by better people, and he will never be like The Rock.

Daniel says nobody will ever remember him as a top superstar because he is soft, but if he wants a big stage, he challenges him to a match at SummerSlam. Miz says he is done letting him ride his coattails, he said that the Yes Movement is over so why doesn’t he let his contract expire and go back to the independent scene. Miz says people look at him and just see a crybaby, and that ends the segment.

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