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WWE SmackDown Results (7/2): Bryan vs Big E, #1 Contender’s Main Event



wwe smackdown results

July 2nd, 2019
Results by Matthew Wilkinson for

Coverage starts at 8/7C, and refresh the page throughout the night for continued coverage! Chat with us live on Twitter @pw_dotcom or @MC_Wilkinson1.


We are kicking off tonight’s WWE SmackDown Live with an episode of the Kevin Owens Show, who will be welcoming the guests of Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre. Shane starts out by complaining about KO’s introduction for him and gets Greg Hamilton to belt out the usual entrance.

Shane claims he is not afraid of The Undertaker as he is on a hot streak, having run through Miz and Roman Reigns and now they are going to run through Undertaker as well, with Shane announcing that it is now officially a No Holds Barred match.

Drew adds that everyone knows what they are willing to do in order to win a regular match, but now with the stipulation, it will be a physical assault like nobody has ever seen before. Owens shows more footage from last night, pointing out that is looks a little bit like Shane is afraid of The Undertaker.

Shane then tells KO to be a good talk host and read the cards that they pre-agreed before they came out to the ring. However, Owens instead opts to ask about Shane losing at WrestleMania against Undertaker and just as things look like they are about to get heated, Dolph Ziggler makes his way out.

KO goes on a huge (very babyface) rant about how they don’t want to hear Ziggler say it should be about him, to which Ziggler responds that he looks like he should be in a hot dog competition. KO and Ziggler both ask Shane who should get the next title shot, and he says neither of them can do.

Instead, Shane gives them an opportunity to team up to take on Heavy Machinery where the winning team will enter the Tag Team Championship match at Extreme Rules.


The Tag Team Champions are then shown backstage and are asked how they feel about the announcement Shane just made in the ring.

Daniel Bryan says his reaction is that Shane McMahon has been making a lot of unpopular decisions, but because he is management they have to accept it. But Bryan makes it clear they will be walking into Extreme Rules as Tag Team Champions and they will be walking out the same way.


It is now time for the first in-ring match of the night as Big E takes on Daniel Bryan and immediately E starts throwing his hips around, having plenty of fun at the champions expense as he then grabs Bryan and gives him a positivity spank.

As we return from the commercial though, it is Daniel Bryan in complete control as he exposes the knee and lower leg of Big E, brutally attacked it and picking it off with a low dropkick whilst E’s leg is trapped around the bottom rope.

Bryan then begins to slap Big E in the face which angers the New Day member and eventually he catches the champion and hits several belly to belly’s in a row until Bryan reverses with a couple of big headbutts which leads Bryan to his famous Yes Kicks.

However, Bryan’s final kick is caught and Big E once again plants Bryan into the mat and hits his splash. E then looks for the Spear through the ropes, but Bryan moves as Big E flies out of the ring. Bryan then looks for a suicide dive but Big E catches him on the outside.

With the official checking on Bryan, Rowan decides to send Big E head first into the ring post before taking out Xavier Woods as a defenceless Big E gets hit the Running Knee.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

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IMPACT Wrestling Results (12/1): X-Division Title Match, Chris Bey vs Willie Mack, A Legend Returns



IMPACT Wrestling Results
December 1, 2020

Rest in peace, Bob Ryder.

Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) vs. Team XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D)

Shelley is back from a minor injury and wastes no time in showing that he’s just as good as he’s ever been, taking both big men down with rapid strikes and kicking combinations, setting up Chris Sabin for a big dive through the ropes to take them out on the floor. Shelley continues to pelt Acey Baby with kicks and body shots. Sabin comes off the top rope but gets caught around the throat and hurled across the ring. Shelley saves his partner from a splash in the corner and the Guns double team Acey, until he powerbombs one on top of the other.

Larry D gets the tag and goes to work with big stomps and knee drops to the body and back of Shelley. He squashes his opponent in the corner and rolls him back to the center, delivering a mule kick to the side of the head. Two-count. Romero tags back in and XXXL crush Shelley in between them. Sabin doesn’t wait for the tag and just leaps off the ropes into a missile dropkick, sending Larry to the floor.

Tags made by Sabin and Larry D. The Machine Guns double team Larry again with kicking combinations, before taking him off his feet with a High Low combo. Romero makes the save and drops a huge leg on Sabin, blasting Shelley off the apron. XXXL sets up to squash Sabin again, but he rolls out of the way and they crash into each other like freight trains. Shelley returns but eats a back elbow. Sabin off the ropes with a bulldog to take the big man down. The Guns hoist up Ace for an impressive suplex, taking him out of the equation. Larry takes the Skull & Bones for the three.

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns

Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock arrived at the building but security wouldn’t let them in. Scott D’Amore told Shamrock that he went too far last week putting his hands on an IMPACT official, suspending him without pay for 30 days. Callihan freaks out, and D’Amore tells him if he keeps it up it’ll be 60 days and they’ll both be suspended. Shamrock said he could drop the security guards and force his way into the building, but he’s not looking to make this a legal issue. When he comes back, he promises he’ll put his hands on whoever he wants.

John E. Bravo runs into XXXL backstage and freaks out on Larry D for trying to murder him. Fair point. Tommy Dreamer separated them and told Bravo to hit the bricks for his own safety. Dreamer, in a shirt that says “POLICE” for some reason, tells Larry D that he has to go “downtown” with him for questioning. Larry knocks him out cold with a backhand.

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WWE Raw Results (11/30): Symphony Of Destruction, #1 Contender’s Triple Threat



WWE Raw Results

WWE Raw Results
November 30, 2020
Orlando, FL

Live coverage begins at 8PM ET, provided by PW staff writer Matthew Wilkinson (@MC_Wilkinson1). Follow @prowrestlingcom on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.


We kick off tonight’s show with A Moment Of Bliss, which has a new look for tonight that is more fitting with her new character, with her doll caged in the middle of the ring. She starts out by recapping what happened last week in the main event as she giggles at Orton.

Alexa says she cannot believe he did that to him, but she asks if Randy has asked himself why. Randy says he knows Bray Wyatt very well, but The Fiend, he hasn’t been formally introduced to, but Alexa says The Fiend is one of her best friends.

Orton claims he and The Fiend have a lot in common, but the difference is all The Fiend’s pain is on his exterior, for everyone to see. However, Orton bottles his up and suppresses it so that he can blend in. Orton says they both hear voices, but those that The Fiend hear are his.

Randy says that years ago, he had to find out Bray’s weakness, and he found it and burned it to the ground. Now, Orton says he knows what he has to do…he has to find The Fiend’s weakness. Orton stares at Bliss and says, it looks like he has, while she just smiles back at him.

Alexa asks if that’s what the voices are telling him, as she becomes more serious. Alexa asks who is manipulating who and she stares Orton down as the lights begin to go out. When they come back on, Orton has Bliss in his arms while The Fiend stares at them.

The Fiend asks for Orton to pass her to him, which he does as he then backs out of the ring, smiling and asking who is laughing now?


WWE will be looking back at some moments from Drew McIntyre’s 2020 ahead of his return tonight. First up is a quick video package showcasing Drew’s victory in the 2020 Royal Rumble match.


The two men waste no time throwing hands in this one as things quickly spill to the outside. Jeff Hardy tries to launch himself off the stairs with a violin, but Elias puts a stop to that with a knee to the face of the WWE veteran. Elias then drops Jeff down from his shoulders as Jeff crashes face-first into the ring apron.

Elias then hits Jeff onto a piano, but inside is R-Truth who then runs around as people begin chasing him. Jeff Hardy takes out Drew Gulak, hitting him with a guitar, meanwhile, Elias does the same to Lucha House Party, because why not?

The match returns to the ring as Jeff takes down Elias with the Atomic Drop and then the classic low dropkick. However, Elias ends up launching Jeff into the turnbuckles where a guitar has been positioned, with Hardy going head-first into the instrument.

Elias then places some guitar picks in between his knuckles as he then beats down on Hardy with the added power. Elias bounces Jeff’s head onto a drum kit and begins playing the instrument, crashing the sticks onto Hardy as he then sends him into the ring post.

He then tries to drive Hardy into a gong, but Jeff avoids it as Elias crashes in knee-first and Hardy follows up by sending Elias crashing into the drum kit. Back inside the ring, Jeff tries to use a guitar, but Elias stops him and goes for a powerbomb which Jeff counters.

He then goes for a Whisper in the Wind, but Elias swats him out of the air by smashing him with a guitar. Elias then uses part of the guitar to attack Jeff, but he avoids it and Elias sends it into the amplifier, which electrocutes him. Hardy follows up by smashing a bass onto his back as he then sets Eliasup onto a table as he places an array of strings instruments onto him.

Hardy then hits the Swanton Bomb from the top of the ring post and crashes through the table, but Jeff smacks his head on the bottom of the steel stairs in the process which looked like a horrendous bump. However, Hardy picks up the victory and thankfully, appears to be okay.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

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NJPW Best Of The Super Jr. Results (11/29): Hiromu Takahashi vs Robbie Eagles, Updated Standings



NJPW World Tag League

NJPW Best of the Super Jr. Results
November 29, 2020
Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan

— Satoshi Kojima & Tomoaki Honma def. Gabriel Kidd & Yuji Nagata in a non-tournament match.

— Ryusuke Taguchi def. Yuya Uemura

— El Desperado def. DOUKI

— SHO def. Master Wato

— Taiji Ishimori def. BUSHI

— Hiromu Takahashi def. Robbie Eagles

Current Standings: 

  • Hiromu Takahashi: 10
  • Taiji Ishimori: 10
  • Master Wato: 8
  • El Desperado: 8
  • SHO: 8
  • Bushi: 6
  • Ryusuke Taguchi: 6
  • Robbie Eagles: 4
  • DOUKI: 0
  • Yuya Uemura: 0

Next BOSJ Lineup (Dec. 2) 

  • Yuya Uemura vs. DOUKI
  • Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Robbie Eagles
  • Master Wato vs. BUSHI
  • Taiji Ishimori vs. El Desperado
  • SHO vs. Hiromu Takahashi

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