WWE SmackDown Results (8/20): Shane McMahon Screws Kevin Owens, Buddy Murphy Defeats Daniel Bryan, More



August 20th, 2019

Results by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com

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We kick off this week’s WWE SmackDown Live with Randy Orton who says that unlike Kofi Kingston he is not a liar, and the truth is that Kofi ran from a fight at SummerSlam because he is stupid. Orton says last week he gave Kofi the opportunity to prove himself, but he failed because he is stupid.

Last night, Orton says the best part was holding Kofi’s body and making him watch as he and The Revival shattered Xavier Woods’ leg, why? Because Kofi Kingston is stupid. Orton said Kofi fails every time he gives him a chance, and he has proven that the power of positivity can be crushed with an RKO.

Kingston then gives Orton a taste of his own medicine, popping up out of nowhere to hit Orton with Trouble In Paradise. Kofi then goes to get a chair and wraps Orton’s leg into it as he climbs to the second rope, looking to crush it, but The Revival make their appearances.

The tag team then pay for what they did with Kingston sing the chair to smash down on Dawson and Wilder as Randy Orton crawls away to the top of the ramp.


Backstage, Shane McMahon is shown as Kevin Owens steps into his office with Shane saying he doesn’t want to see the same behavior as last week. KO says he is trying to focus on his match tonight but he isn’t here to make things worse, and he said after a week it has dawned on him how bad his fine is.

KO tries to level with Shane and asks him to reconsider his fine, which Shane agrees to do, as KO then leaves without the two men even having a single argument.


It’s now time for the first in-ring competition of the night as the first King of the Ring match takes place from the SmackDown Live side of the bracket as Apollo Crews takes on Andrade. Both men charge at each other straight away with Crews getting the best of the situation with a clothesline, but Andrade quickly manages to drop him into the bottom turnbuckle.

Andrade quickly follows it up with his classic double knees in the corner, but Apollo manages to kick out at two as Crews then starts to mount some fight back. Andrade then uses the ropes to his advantage with a submission, but as he looks to go high-risk from the top rope, Crews catches him with a dropkick in mid-air.

Andrade suckers Apollo in though and sends him face-first into the turnbuckle which he then looks to follow up on with a dive to Apollo, who instead catches him in mid-air, yet Andrade reverses once again and sends Crews into the steel stairs.

Back from commercial and Apollo shows brilliant strength in catching Andrade from the top rope which he follows up by launching his opponent into the air and catching him with double knees to the ribs straight after on the landing.

Apollo follows it up with several quick strikes as he starts to pick up the pace, following it with the Olympic slam, but that isn’t enough to get the job done. Andrade finally gets some distance by catching Apollo with a big boot, but once again Crews reverses by hitting a dropkick to Andrade whilst he sits on the top turnbuckle.

Andrade turns the tides once again though and looks for his patented double knees, yet this time Apollo has it scouted and moves out of the way, and he follows it up with several kicks and a standing shooting star press, yet Andrade still kicks out.

Zelina then gets herself involved, grabbing the foot of Andrade which stops Apollo from continuing his momentum, and Apollo is then able to hit a back elbow and his Hammerlock DDT to progress to the next round.

Winner: Andrade

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