WWE SmackDown Results (8/20): Shane McMahon Screws Kevin Owens, Buddy Murphy Defeats Daniel Bryan, More



Backstage Daniel Bryan and Rowan have a man under a black hood with Bryan telling them that they know what they did and tonight the world will find out, warning them not to move from the chair, or else they will be very sorry.

Elias is then shown playing his guitar backstage until he bumps into a referee who is hiding, and he demands to know where Drake Maverick is, who is hiding inside a crate. Elias grabs him out and forces him to read a letter, stating that the 24/7 Championship rules have been suspended by Shane McMahon so he can focus on the King of the Ring tournament.


The Women’s Tag Team Champions welcome us to A Moment Of Bliss, with the women posing with their titles, with Bliss claiming they are so humble with their title reign, and that even though they are champions it won’t change anything.

Bliss confirms that the show will always help the less fortunate, but Alexa claims that tonight is different as her guest requested to be on the show, with Charlotte Flair making her way to the show. Alexa says Charlotte’s victory against Trish Stratus can be seen as a passing of the torch.

Flair says that Trish didn’t pass anything, she took the torch, proving that she is the queen of all eras and the face of the SmackDown Women’s Division, with Bliss claiming that some people might say that the face of the division is the champion, Bayley.

Flair says that Bayley might be a champion, but she is the brand, adding that she is marketable and Bayley is not, which is why she is sent to red carpet events and to do media, because she is SmackDown, claiming that Bayley is an afterthought.

Bayley then makes her way out telling her to stop doing the same old thing, claiming that it sounds like she is simply using a lot of excuses, but at the end of the day she is the champion, which means she is better than Charlotte Flair.

Charlotte asks if Bayley knows how people feel about her and the title, as everyone was talking about her and Trish at SummerSlam, not Bayley and Ember. Flair states that she will clean up the mess at Clash of Champions when she beats her for the title.

Bayley claims that if that’s a challenge she accepts, and she can’t wait to shut Flair’s mouth as she then throws her off the stool and walks away.


Roman Reigns is shown backstage in Buddy Murphy’s locker room wanting to know who he lied to. Murphy says he is pretty sure that he saw Rowan, and Reigns says if he finds out Buddy was lying again, he will be coming back to whoop his ass.


Before the match even begins Daniel Bryan gets the microphone and questions that Buddy might have seen Rowan, and he tells Murphy that he is a liar, and even worse than that, he is a cowardly liar. Bryan says tonight he will reveal who has attacked Roman Reigns and that he will reveal that Murphy had something to do with it as well.

When the bell rings Murphy bursts out of the gate and catches Bryan with a huge knee to the face, with the WWE Champion escaping out of the ring, forcing Murphy to follow him showing inexperience as Daniel catches him as he returns with several big strikes.

Despite Bryan’s control, Murphy starts to change the momentum with some massive chops, sending Bryan to the outside which he follows up with a big dive over the top ropes. Murphy then hits double knees from the top rope back into the ring, but Bryan is able to kick out.

Bryan then works Murphy down and puts in the Lebell Lock in the middle of the ring which he then turns into the rings of Saturn, but Murphy finally manages to break it up by getting his foot on the ropes. Bryan then hits his famous Yes Kicks but eventually Murphy ducks one and catches Daniel with a strike of his own.

However, Bryan quickly regains control by putting Buddy into the tree of woe as he then hits a belly to back superplex from the top rope, but Murphy kicks out just in time. Murphy then hits a huge superkick to Bryan after he spent too long trash-talking, which he follows up with a running powerbomb and this time it is Bryan just about staying alive.

The two men then begin exchanging strikes and uppercuts back and forth with Buddy eventually coming out on top with a brainbuster, but Bryan gets his foot on the ropes in time, but Rowan gets on the ring apron and almost causes a distraction.

However, despite two roll-up attempts by Bryan, Murphy is able to superkick Rowan off the apron and he hits Murphy’s Law to pick up a huge victory!

Winner: Buddy Murphy

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