WWE SmackDown Results (8/20): Shane McMahon Screws Kevin Owens, Buddy Murphy Defeats Daniel Bryan, More



Buddy Murphy was set to be interviewed after his victory but out of nowhere Rowan attacks him and throws him around the backstage area whilst Daniel Bryan screams at him, telling him he is a liar and a coward.


Scott Dawson claims that it proves that New Day are cowards and Dash Wilder points out that Big E hasn’t even made it here, whilst Xavier Woods cannot even walk. Dawson then follows it up by revealing that they are challenging the SmackDown Tag Team Champions to a title match at Clash Of Champions.


Tucker immediately starts working on the injured ribs of Dash Wilder from the opening segments, with Tucker throwing him to Otis who continued his attack on the exposed area and they continue wrecking their opponents, sending them both out of the ring.

Back from commercial and Wilder has managed to turn the tides, launching Tucker into the turnbuckles as he welcomes Dash Wilder who misses wildly with an elbow drop. Tucker finally makes the hot tag and Otis begins running through everyone in sign, launching Wilder into the turnbuckle before crashing into him.

Otis then hits the Caterpillar but as they look for the Compactor, Wilder breaks into the ring and stops it from happening, instead, The Revival get a roll-up victory.

Winners: The Revival


Chad Gable says he agrees with people thinking he is an underdog and as he continues talking about his past, Shelton Benjamin is shown backstage rolling his eyes. Shelton puts something on his door, which is a height line about how big people have to be to enter the tournament, mocking his height.


The Miz welcomes his guesShinsuke Nakamura to the show as they talk about Sami Zayn’s recent losing issues, with Sami admitting he has struck a deal with someone, as Shinsuke Nakamura appears. Miz asks why he would want to be together, and Sami says that his first mistake.

Zayn says Miz expects Nakamura to simply answer in English because it benefits him, and goes on to say that the two men are the same side of the coin, with them both being artists. Zayn says that if people want to talk to Nakamura they must now go through him, and Sami says that they will talk in a language even Miz understands and Nakamura unloads on him with a Kinshasa and tons of knee strikes.

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