WWE SmackDown Results (8/20): Shane McMahon Screws Kevin Owens, Buddy Murphy Defeats Daniel Bryan, More



Backstage Kevin Owens appears in Shane McMahon’s office, with Shane telling him that he knows he cannot put his hands on a WWE official and he hasn’t heard Owens apologize for that, and KO does that. Shane says he is still reconsidering lifting the fine, and he warns Owens that the next time he puts his hands on an official, he is going to be fired.


Kevin Owens starts the match out strong, sending Elias to the outside as he looks to hit a suicide dive, but Elias walks away, which leads to KO following him and unleashing some huge chops on the outside. However, Elias manages to turn that around by launching Owens into the barricade.

Back in the ring and Owens hits a release German suplex which he follows up with a cannonball, but Elias is able to kick out. Shane McMahon then makes his way down to ringside to get a closer look at the match.  Back from the commercial and the distraction has paid dividends as Elias is in control.

KO eventually breaks out of the submission but only gets caught by a big knee to the face by Elias, but Owens is able to kick out just in time. After a further beatdown from Elias, Kevin Owens finally responds with a DDT and a senton, hoping to hit the Pop-Up Powerbomb, but Elias denies it and ends up hitting a huge spin-out powerbomb, but KO kicks out yet again.

The two men then brawl all the way to the top rope and eventually Owens looks to go high risk but Elias gets the knees up to reverse it. The two men then find themselves on the outside as Owens hits a cannonball from the apron and as he tries to get Elias up, Shane McMahon gets involved.

Shane reveals that he is actually the referee and he gets into the match with Elias pushing him towards Shane, forcing KO to stop himself, which leads to a roll-up which Shane counts incredibly quick as Elias progresses.

Winner: Elias


Backstage Roman Reigns enters the room where Daniel Bryan has the mystery man. Bryan says that the whole world wouldn’t listen to him when he said Rowan wasn’t the man, but Bryan has found him, and he reveals… a man who looks just like Rowan, with a bald head and a big ginger beard.

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