WWE SmackDown Results (8/6): Roman Reigns’ Attacker Revealed, Natalya Takes On Ember Moon, More


August 6th, 2019
Results by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com

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We are kicking off tonight’s WWE SummerSlam go-home edition of SmackDown Live with The Queen, Charlotte Flair. Charlotte states that every time she steps foot in the ring, the world is witnessing greatness, adding that most people dream of greatness, but most people don’t have the genetics or the talent to achieve it.

Flair says that is just like Trish Stratus, who opted to do something different when the industry started to change, questioning that at the height of the women’s evolution Trish wants to come back for one match. Flair thinks that her greatness eats Stratus alive, as she was never as good as she is.

Flair claims that the athletes of today are better than that of yesterday, and she tells Trish that her dream will not come true in her hometown, and instead she will shatter them. Charlotte then shows a highlight package of her career thus far. However, despite wanting footage of herself, we end up seeing a package of Trish’s crowning moments.

The WWE Hall Of Famer is here! Stratus says that The Queen isn’t used to not getting what she wants, and she says the reason she played the video is to remind Charlotte why she is even here, getting history-making opportunities.

Stratus admits she has been dreaming of one more match, and she says it has been eating at her because Flair is the embodiment of everything she fought for, and she says it might be to prove it to her kids, to the fans, but it is also to prove it to herself.

Trish then quotes Harley Race, saying, “there is no greatest feeling than to be under these bright lights,” to which Flair responds by welcoming Trish to her nightmare, adding that she will make her bow down to the Queen. Stratus then responds with a mammoth slap to the face of Flair, but Charlotte opts not to react and instead leaves.

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Before the match can start, Dolph Ziggler makes his entrance to Goldberg’s theme song, doing the exact same entrance that the WWE Hall Of Famer does from his dressing room to the ring, mocking his SummerSlam opponent.

However, before the bell can even ring Dolph Ziggler attacks Rey Mysterio on the outside, taking Rey out with a big Superkick which leads to WWE officials making their way out to hold Dolph back from attacking him further. However, Ziggler manages to get him away and hits yet another Superkick.

Dolph then gets on the microphone and says that another legend has gone down courtesy of DZ, adding that the same thing will happen every time a legend comes back. Ziggler then tells Goldberg that on Sunday he will end the legend of Goldberg, claiming he is not next, but instead the match at SummerSlam will be Goldberg’s last.

Ali then makes his way out and drops Ziggler straight away, following it up with a huge suicide dive to take him out on the outside.


Back from the break and the match has been made official as Ali continues to take the fight to Dolph Ziggler, rocking him with a massive kick on the outside before paying homage to X-Pac, but Dolph manages to get in some offence with a sharp elbow to the face of Ali.

Ziggler then starts tuning up the band but Ali avoids the Sweet Chin Music and goes for a roll-up, but as Ziggler kicks out he manages to catch Ali with a headbutt which he follows up with a Superkick to secure a victory.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

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