WWE SmackDown Results (9/10): Kevin Owens Is Fired, Chad Gable Progresses, The Undertaker Returns, More!



Before the match begins Mandy Rose says that she told Nikki Cross that she will never look like her, saying she would be embarrassed to look like her as she is beautiful and Nikkis is… ugly. Cross then shows images of the two of them together, claiming that she is in the front of the line and Nikki is in the back.

Rose states that Nikki looks like an oversized rat, but the champions have heard enough and make their way to the ring.

Cross immediately sprints into the ring and takes down Mandy Rose straight away, but eventually, Mandy catches her and puts a stop to it with a fallaway slam. After some brief domination, Cross’ aggression once again gets back in control, slamming Rose’s head off the top turnbuckle repeatedly before hitting a bulldog.

Cross then goes to the top rope but Sonya Deville provides the distraction, meaning her crossbody is scouted, but Cross is quick to react and rolls up Rose, earning a victory.

Winner: Nikki Cross


Ember Moon says that recently she isn’t seeing the Bayley she knows, questioning if its Sasha’s influence, but Bayley says she is the exact same person, and she is doing it to elevate the SmackDown women’s division. Moon says she is better than that, and that it is more about struggling to be relevant since Banks’ return, which leads to Bayley saying that Ember doesn’t know what it means to be a champion.

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Tucker starts things off and quite easily manhandles his opponent early on, showing great agility in the process, dealing with both men comfortably as they get involved, destroying one of his opponents with a huge clothesline. Otis finally gets involved as he charges into both men in the corner, sending one to the outside and setting the other up for the Caterpillar.

Heavy Machinery then hit the Compactor to pick up the routine win.

Winners: Heavy Machinery


Shane McMahon is then shown backstage with Kevin Owens as he says he knows that KO asked about thinking about the fine, and he says he is willing to do that, but he wants KO to do a job. Shane then hands Owens a referee shirt, saying if he does his job correctly, to the best of his ability.

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