WWE SmackDown Results (9/10): Kevin Owens Is Fired, Chad Gable Progresses, The Undertaker Returns, More!



Erick Rowan says all of his life, people do not seem to get him as people seem to think he needs to be controlled by somebody, until last week. Rowan tells the fans to look deep in his eyes and see what he is capable of, but all the fans see is a big brute.

However, here comes the Big Dog and he’s not here to talk as he enters the ring and hits s Superman Punch but as he looks for a Spear on the outside, Rowan catches him with a big boot. The two men then quickly end up in and amongst the fans, brawling around, but Reigns hits another Superman Punch which he follows up with another.

As Reigns is separated by the barricade and officials, Rowan grabs a ‘fan’ and launches him into the security and Roman as he then makes his way around the ringside area and wipes out everyone. Rowan then drags him up the ramp and they continue brawling on King of the Ring set as Rowan grabs the camera equipment and launches it into Reigns.

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Bayley is quickly forced to retreat after a strong start by Ember Moon, who follows her out and ends up getting hung up on the timekeeper’s area, which Bayley follows up with a harsh knee strike. As they return to the ring, Moon is able to turn the tables with a big kick to the head, which she follows up by springboarding from the middle rope onto Bayley.

As the champion tries to send Moon to the outside, she then looks to follow it up with a dive through the bottom ropes, yet Moon catches her with another boot to the face. Ember then tries to quickly follow it up with the Eclipse, but Bayley gets out of the way and then hits the Bayley To Belly for the win.

Winner: Bayley

Charlotte Flair makes her way into the ring afterwards to congratulate Bayley but makes it clear she is ready to become champion on Sunday.

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