WWE SmackDown Results (9/10): Kevin Owens Is Fired, Chad Gable Progresses, The Undertaker Returns, More!



Kofi Kingston says it feels good to be back at Madison Square Garden, as it was here where his career changed forever, it was here he decided to step up to a top WWE Superstar. That is what he did when he whopped Randy Orton all around this arena, with the icing on the cake being when he put him through a table and he knew he would be back one day as WWE Champion.

Kofi claims that is what he will do at Clash Of Champions, but Randy Orton appears in the corner saying he is stupid as he doesn’t want to hear about the two things that Kofi has done in his career, as he lists off his accolades.

Orton then continues saying that doesn’t matter, as what matters is right now, proving that he is a phoney, as he always has been, whether it was his fake Jamaican accent or the power of positivity bullshit. Kingston then leaves the ring and heads to meet Orton but the Viper is simply setting a trap as he has a chair.

Orton smartly uses the chair to his advantage and then sends him crashing into the steel, but the WWE Champion manages to turn things around and begins to brawl with the Viper. Kofi then gets himself the chair and begins swinging on his Clash of Champions opponent.

Kofi then tries setting up a table to do a call back to 10 years ago, but Orton fights back and hits him with a steel chair which accidentally breaks the table that Kofi is on, however, Kingston finds another. Kingston then swings the chair again and climbs up to the railing and hits a huge Boom Drop, putting Orton through the table!

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Shane McMahon goes straight for Chad Gable and it doesn’t work as Gable avoids Shane who bounces into the turnbuckle and gets caught by a huge German Suplex and GABLE WINS!!!

However, it doesn’t last long as Shane turns it into a two out of three falls match and Shane attacks Gable, bouncing his head off the announce table before dumping him into the timekeeper’s area. Back in the ring and Shane’O is in complete control but Gable manages to work his way into a pinning predicament but Kevin Owens doesn’t want to do the pinfall.

Shane then does the same and KO goes for a fast pin, but Chad is quick enough to kick out and he then begins to start mounting some offence of his own with a huge spinning kick and then a spinning neck breaker as he continues to fight.

Gable then goes to the top rope and hits a perfect moonsault but due to KO’s slow pinfall Shane is able to kick out. Shane then grabs a chair and looks to use it but Owens questions it and Gable locks in an Ankle Lock and forces Shane to submit, Gable is going to the finals!

Winner: Chad Gable

After the match, Shane McMahon attacks Kevin Owens from behind and lets him know that he… is fired!

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