WWE SmackDown Results (9/18): Rusev Day Is Over, AJ Styles & Andrade Almas Steal The Show, Lynch’s Title Celebration


WWE Smackdown Results
September 18, 2018
Report by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com

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We kick this week’s episode of SmackDown Live off with The Miz, hosting his talk show, Miz TV with what he has teased to be a “mystery guest.” Miz promises he has some big news and he announces that at Super Show Down he will go one-on-one with Daniel Bryan once again where the winner will face the WWE Champion.

Miz claims he has been saying it all along, Bryan isn’t on his level and he says if people don’t believe him, the proof is that he beat him at SummerSlam and Hell In A Cell and he will do the same in Australia and move on to something more worthy of his time, the WWE Champion.

He then welcomes his special guest which turns out to be none other than… Maryse. He asks how difficult it was to defeat Brie Bella, and Maryse claims it was the easiest thing she has ever done in her life as she is a better athlete. Maryse states that Brie’s heart wasn’t in it and Miz adds on to that claiming her heart feels the same way about her marriage. Miz believes that Brie only married Bryan to market her image and jump on his rocket to the top, but it backfired as they came up against a real couple.

Miz asks what is next and Maryse has breaking news of her own… tonight (for now) is her last night on SmackDown Live. Miz says she is doing that to go and continue being a great mother and he then calls out Bryan, claiming he will beat him up right now and here comes Daniel!

Bryan says he can talk about him as much as he wants, but when he talks about his wife, he gets this… which is him assaulting Miz. He takes the fight to Miz but accidentally dropkicks Miz into Maryse which takes her down and sees her injure her stomach, leaving Bryan shocked in the ring.

Bryan crouches down to see if Maryse is okay, but it’s clear she is just acting and Bryan quickly gets back to business, clotheslining Miz out of the ring to a huge “Yes” chant.


Daniel Bryan is asked how he saw through the plan and he says he knew something was going on with Miz calling him out, but he didn’t think he would stoop so low to stage an injury with his wife. He said that in Australia it isn’t a double date, it’s one on one and he is going to punch his ticket to a WWE Championship opportunity.


Prior to the match starting the New Day talks about how they proved there is only room for one “Day” in WWE at Hell In A Cell, but Sheamus warned them that they are ready to take the Tag Team Titles in Australia. Back from the break and Cesaro has the sharpshooter locked in and just as Kingston thinks he has escaped, he eats a huge uppercut from the Swiss Superman.

Kofi finally bought some separation by diving from the second rope to swing into a tornado DDT, and he followed that up by dumping Cesaro out of the ring and then bouncing off the ropes back to take out his opponent, with Woods screaming that he didn’t even know what it was, but it was so good!

The Bar member went straight back to the legs though, taking Kingston out with a low kick which he followed up with the Neutralizer to gain the win.

Winner: Cesaro


Rusev and Lana are discussing his United States Championship match and Aiden English says he has a plan but Rusev says English won’t be at ringside tonight. English then loses his cool on a random member of staff, claiming Rusev Day would be nothing without him, ranting about Lana, only to turn around and see Rusev’s wife staring him down. Lana tells Aiden she’s telling Rusev as English chases him off.

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