WWE SmackDown Results (9/24): Daniel Bryan Battles Erick Rowan, Kevin Owens Challenges Shane McMahon, More



September 24th, 2019

Results by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com

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Tonight’s show kicks off with Erick Rowan, who claims what happened last week was a work of art, as what he does is annihilate. Rowan says he created violence that demands respect, but the fans see him as less than human, but that has changed because might makes right.

Rowan says if you can destroy and dominate, that makes you right, and the entire SmackDown locker room now knows he is right…and here comes Daniel Bryan. The former WWE Champion says that if Rowan wants some respect then he should fight him right now… and we have a match on our hands.


Bryan starts the match going straight for Rowan, but that plan doesn’t work as he gets turned inside out with a huge clothesline which he follows up with an elbow drop and a splash as Rowan dumps Bryan outside of the ring. However, he’s not finished as Rowan quickly runs outside and destroys Bryan with a crossbody.

Back in the ring, Rowan cranks at the neck of Daniel Bryan, but he starts a comeback of his own with several kicks, yet he ends up eating a massive spinning kick from Rowan instead. Back from commercial and Rowan is outside, launching Bryan into the ring post.

Back in the ring and Bryan smartly goes for the knee of Bryan, providing a small break and he continues the attack of the leg with several chop blocks as Bryan then rags Rowan’s leg into the post of Rowan several times over.

Bryan continues to make the most of his momentum with his classic running knees in the corner, but Rowan ends up reversing on the third attempt, lifting and planting Bryan onto the mat, but he only gains a two count and therefore locks in the bear hug.

As we return from another commercial, it is Rowan who is still in complete control, but Bryan smartly used Rowan’s momentum to send him over the top rope, but his follow up suicide attempt is caught by Rowan, yet Daniel was able to reverse yet again, sending Rowan headfirst into the ring post.

Back in the ring and Bryan hits a huge missile dropkick from the top rope as he fires up as the Yes chants return with Bryan hitting several Yes kicks, eventually catching Rowan on the side of the face, but Rowan kicks out at one.

Bryan then returns to the top rope but he is caught as Rowan looks for the Iron Claw, and instead he reverses again and sets up the Lebell Lock in the middle of the ring, however, Luke Harper then appears at ringside, yet Bryan launches himself onto him with a suicide dive.

Harper ends up getting straight back up and Rowan then lifts him back over the ring and hits an Iron Claw, although Bryan’s foot is caught between the top ropes. Eventually, Bryan is untangled and Rowan hits it once more to get the win.

Winner: Erick Rowan

As Rowan and Harper look to continue beating up Bryan, Roman Reigns makes his way to ringside to level things up, but the numbers game catches up on him. However, Daniel Bryan then shows some life and helps out once again, hitting the Running Knee finisher to Harper as Reigns hits the Spear on Rowan.

Roman then tries to help Bryan up but instead, he slaps his hand away and gets the microphone, and he asks the fans for a one-word answer, asking the fans if they want to see him and Roman Reigns kick their asses which leads to… a YES chant.

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