WWE SmackDown Results (5/22): Charlotte Flair Battles Bayley, Intercontinental Title Tournament Rolls On, More



May 22nd, 2020

WWE kicks off tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown with a video package for Memorial Day.


In the ring, John Morrison and The Miz welcome us to the Dirt Sheet, with Miz saying he refuses to acknowledge that he lives in a world where Otis is Mr. Money In The Bank. After the tag team mocks Otis, Miz takes his focus to Braun Strowman, saying it made no sense that Braun would team with Otis last week.

He then questions why Braun even got a title match with Goldberg in the first place. They then bring a Dirt Sheet exclusive showing some rejected puppets that Bray Wyatt rejected for the Funhouse, but still liked more than Braun Strowman.

After a few jokes, the Universal Champion makes his way out. Braun comes out in a positive mood and says their show is funny and he is happy to be on tonight. The tag team say he wasn’t booked, but Braun is laughing and asks them to ask him about Bray Wyatt at Money In The Bank.

Miz then points out that if Braun thinks Wyatt is done with him, he’s mistaken. He says that his battles with Wyatt took him to his lowest point and then Morrison goes and trash talks Braun going off on a tangent that lands Miz in a singles match with Braun.


Straight away Miz avoids Braun Strowman’s offence and catches him with a few punches, but that only angers the champion who finally gets hold of Miz and drops him with a clubbing blow. Braun then keeps dominating, hitting a big shoulder tackle as Braun mocks him and John Morrison.

Miz smartly hangs on to the ropes after an Irish whip though and Miz then does a great job of pulling the ropes to send Braun to the outside. With the official distracted, Morrison leaps off the barricade and connects with a kick to the face.

Braun then tries to keep shaking it off but he ends up charging into the ring post on the outside. Back in the ring, Braun catches Miz and attempts his finish but Miz rakes at the eyes and then follows up with a few kicks of his own.

Miz tries a DDT but Braun blocks it and just launches him across the ring, giving Morrison a big right hand as well. The Universal Champion then quickly puts his focus back on Miz, hitting the Running Powerslam for the win.

Winner: Braun Strowman

After the match, John Morrison challenges Braun Strowman to a handicap Universal Championship match at WWE Backlash against both him and The Miz. The Monster Amongst Men accepts the challenge, seemingly confirming that this one is going to happen.

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