WWE SmackDown Results (5/22): Charlotte Flair Battles Bayley, Intercontinental Title Tournament Rolls On, More



The two men waste no time in grappling early on as each man tries to take control straight away. After the early feeling out process the pace finally picks up and it is AJ Styles who comes out on top with a big dropkick connecting and he follows up with some big chops in the corner.

However, Shinsuke responds with a big knee of his own as he then throws some big forearms back and forth with AJ until Styles hits the step-up enziguri. Nakamura then hangs up AJ on the middle ropes and slides underneath as he drags AJ down to the mat in the process.

Nakamura then looks to keep the pace up with a great kick connecting, but as AJ is going down to the mat he catches Shinsuke with a Pele kick. Styles then hits a great backhand/clothesline combination as he follows up with a knee to the back which gets him a near fall.

AJ then manages to lock in the Calf Crusher, but Nakamura is able to grab the ropes and then connects with a great kick of his own.  Shinsuke then plants AJ down with a Michinoku Driver, but that’s not enough to win this one.

Nakamura keeps the pressure on with a great sliding knee to the chin of AJ, but once again Styles is able to kick out. Shinsuke goes for the Kinshasa but AJ reverses with a roll-up only to be caught with a triangle choke from Nakamura.

However, AJ manages to counter out of it to somehow hit the Styles Clash, but Nakamura kicks out! AJ tries to load up for the Phenomenal Forearm but Nakamura reverses and then aims for the Kinshasa, but as he approaches AJ he’s caught with a big boot to the head. AJ then finally hits the Phenomenal Forearm to progress.

Winner: AJ Styles


Bayley is out on her own for this one, but Charlotte Flair starts out the best with a trademark Flair chop until Bayley fires by dropping the Queen to the mat as she then mocks Flair. Both Bayley and Flair go for pinfalls of their own and use the ropes to cheat, but only Bayley gets caught.

Speaking of being caught, she then ends up trapped on the middle rope as Flair hits a knee to the chest and Charlotte continues the attack on the outside, launching Bayley over the barricade. Charlotte then gets on the commentary microphone and calls out Sasha Banks as she wants to kick both their asses, apparently.

Back in the ring, Charlotte keeps up her impressive performance, dropping Bayley with another huge chop, but as she tries to go to the top rope, Bayley drags her back down. But the SmackDown champion can’t keep things up and Flair hits a knee.

Bayley manages to avoid a big boot though, hanging Flair’s leg up as she then sends her crashing into the ring post and then the barricade. Back in the ring, Bayley drops Charlotte with a clothesline but as she looks for a crossbody, she ends up being launched across the ring with a fallaway slam.

Flair and Bayley then brawl with Bayley getting the best of things. But she then takes too long to follow up and Flair hits a backbreaker and then launches Bayley headfirst into the second turnbuckle. Flair then misses with the moonsault attempt but instantly drops Bayley with a massive big boot.

Flair tries to tie up Bayley’s leg on the bottom rope, but she ends up being caught herself as Bayley whiplashes her off the ropes. She then looks for the Elbow Drop, but Flair gets her knees up and then locks in a huge Boston Crab.

Bayley finally gets out of it by sending Flair into the turnbuckles and this time her Elbow Drop connects, yet Flair manages to kick out! Bayley then hits a few chops of her own as Charlotte laughs about it all which leads to Bayley hitting tons of chops.

She gets too cocky though and goes for a Figure Four and the NXT Women’s Champion catches Bayley with a big forearm and then tons of chops of her own. The two women then have some roll-ups and eventually, Bayley gets the win by having hold of the ropes to her advantage, winning a great match.

Winner: Bayley

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