WWE SmackDown Results (5/22): Charlotte Flair Battles Bayley, Intercontinental Title Tournament Rolls On, More


WWE shares an image of Shad Gaspard, sharing its respect for his recent death. There is no video package here though.


Backstage, Miz and Morrison are discussing how tonight has gone as Renee Young asks if they think they can work together to win the Universal Championship. They both make it clear that they can, with Miz saying they’re going to make Braun’s life hell.


Sheamus starts out aggressively, using his power to dominate, but Jeff quickly starts to fire back with a few running tackles, only for the Celtic Warrior to just flatten him down.

Hardy manages to hang up Sheamus on the top rope and as he sends him to the outside, Jeff follows up with a dropkick to take him out again. But as Hardy aims to hit a crossbody, he gets caught by Sheamus who slams him into the ring post and then launches Hardy into the announce table.

As they return to the ring, Sheamus continues to dominate with several knee drops to Hardy’s face. Sheamus focuses a little too heavily on trash talking and it allows Hardy to fire back with an elbow and then a whisper in the wind, giving him a brief opening.

However, that doesn’t last long as Sheamus hits several Irish Curse Backbreakers, continuing to dominate Hardy. Sheamus then sets up Hardy on the ropes for the beats of the barrel as he remains in firm control of this one. Back in the ring though, Hardy begins to fire up, lanching Sheamus into the ring post as he follows with an atomic drop and then a low dropkick.

Jeff tries to go for Twist of Fate but Sheamus rolls outside only for Jeff to follow him and launch him into the ring post. Jeff then sets up Sheamus for the Swanton Bomb, but he gets the knees up and reverses, following up with a big knee strike to the head of Jeff.

Sheamus then aims for a Brogue Kick but misses, and Hardy manages to catch Jeff with a roll-up to steal the victory and progress in the tournament.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

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