WWE Smackdown Results (2/6): Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn, Roode Defends the U.S. Title, Charlotte in Action, More


United States Championship Match

Roode started out with his usual postering and gave us a little “GLORIOUS” pose, but was quickly taken down by the Bulgarian Brute as soon as the bell rang. It appeared that the champion somewhat underestimated his opponent, as Rusev threw him around the ring with ease and shook off all his offense with huge power moves.

Unfortunately my cable went out for about 8 minutes in the middle of the match so I have no idea what happened. What I can gather is that Rusev continued his beatdown for several minutes until the fans slowly willed Roode back into the match. When my feed came back Roode was in the middle of a comeback streak, hitting a few neckbreakers and looking to put things away with the Glorious DDT. Aiden English got on the apron to cause a distraction, which opened the door for Rusev to plant the champion square in the jaw with a killer superkick.

After another commercial break both guys were on the feet teeing off with a half dozen back and forth punches. Roode tried for the Glorious DDT a second time but was turned inside out by a huge powerslam. Rusev went for another superkick but got swept up into the air for a massive spinebuster, but it wasn’t enough to get the pin. They went back and forth with both guys just looking for ANYTHING that would help them put this match away. Rusev hit another sickening kick to the face, but couldn’t get the Accolade locked in and settled for a close nearfall. Finally Roode shook off the Accolade a second time, connected with the Glorious DDT and got the victory.

Winner and Still Champion: Bobby Roode

– We saw replays of the last match as Roode celebrated his victory and Aiden English checked on the fallen Rusev. Randy Orton came out of nowhere and dropped the champion with a killer RKO as everyone looked on completely stunned. English turned around and tried to run, but got caught with an RKO himself. Rusev slowly got to his feet and the fans chanted “NO” and “RUSEV DAY” but he didn’t have enough left in the tank, as Orton connected with a third RKO. He did almost a sarcastic version of his signature pose and then left, bodies laying everywhere.


Connor delivered a few big blows to Shelton Benjamin at the start of the match but got a bit ahead of himself and walked into a flurry of quick kicks and tosses. He hit a huge shoulder tackle and the referee went to check on Shelton, allowing Gable to attack Connor from behind and set up the tone for this match. From there they alternated in and out with quick tags, working over Connor’s knee and leg with dozens of attacks, trying to injure the big man. Eventually Viktor managed to get the lukewarm tag from his partner and did his best to clean house, but he didn’t last long. Gable wrecked him with a series of rolling German suplexes and the duo hit him with their finisher to pick up the quick win.

Winners: Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable

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