WWE SmackDown Results (5/1): Money In The Bank Qualifying Matches, Daniel Bryan Competes


May 1st, 2020


We kick things off with Daniel Bryan as he tells us he loves wrestling, and at this stage of his career what he loves the most is trying new things. That’s why he’s excited about the WWE Money In The Bank match this year and he says this is the first time he’s competed in an office building and he doesn’t know the rules.

He says nobody knows more about the opportunity than him, as nine years ago he couldn’t get booked on SmackDown and then he won the MITB and become World Champion. Bryan says him being WWE Champion is something people thought was impossible, but winning the MITB is what spawned the Yes Movement.

He says that he’s excited and a little sad as he hoped Drew Gulak would get to compete with him. Bryan says that King Corbin ruined that for Drew, so he’s going to settle this right now. Corbin then appears and warns Bryan that he should be careful what he wishes for.

Corbin tells Daniel to stop dreaming about MITB, because that’s all it is to him as Corbin reminds him that he has also won the match before. Bryan asks if Corbin is going to squander his opportunity like he did last time and Bryan says it makes Corbin a loser.

Corbin says a lot has changed and Bryan is now just tired and desperate and now he is stronger and smarter and he will show that to Daniel now.


Straight away Daniel Bryan tries to outwrestle Corbin down to the mat as he attacks Corbin’s leg, but the King matches that with his power in order to counter. However, Bryan’s ability to go for the knee works in his benefit as he unleashes several strikes to Corbin’s leg.

While Bryan continues working the leg of the bigger man, Corbin eventually catches him with several big right hands as he trash talks him at the same time. Corbin eventually sends Bryan outside the ring as he then launches him into the ring post for good measure.

Back in the ring, Bryan attempts several roll-ups as he then sends Corbin out of the ring, but he wraps around the ring post, powers back in and nails Bryan with a clothesline. Corbin then focuses on the arm of Bryan and then yet again, Corbin tries to hit his slide out around the ring post.

However, this time Bryan has Corbin’s number as he hits a suicide dive to counter it which he follows up with a big missile dropkick. Bryan then continues attacking the legs of Corbin as he locks in an Ankle Lock. Corbin then retaliates himself though, reversing Bryan’s classic running attack in the corner with a Deep Six.

Bryan turns things around himself as he attacks the throat of Corbin and then connects with a huge kick to the head on the outside of the ring. Corbin falls into one of the ladders that is on the set and he uses them by launching the ladder at Bryan.

Winner (by DQ): Daniel Bryan

After the match, Corbin looks to keep the attack going, but Bryan reverses and he connects with the Yes Lock on top of the ladder. However, as he has the submission locked in, Shinsuke Nakamura appears and nails him with a Kinshasa.

Cesaro then gets the ladder and smashes him out of the ring while Corbin drives him right into a group of ladders at the side of the stage.

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