WWE Smackdown Results (5/15): The Otis Era Begins!


WWE Smackdown Results
May 15, 2020
Orlando, FL

A video package recapped Asuka and Otis winning their Money in the Bank briefcases on Sunday, before Michael Cole welcomed us to the WWE Performance Center, the room with about a trillion laser beams.


The Miz and John Morrison are already in the ring, as Mr. Money in the Bank Otis stomps his way out, briefcase in hand. The two trash him relentlessly, asking if Mandy Rose feels sorry for him or if it’s some kind of charity outreach program. They show footage of Otis with his mom growing up, and Morrison makes a joke about what age his mental disability kicked in – I’m sure that’ll go over well in 2020.

Otis talks about playing sports and getting into wrestling, because it was the only thing that ever made sense to him. Apparently he’s carrying some GasX and a sandwich in his briefcase along with the Money in the Bank briefcase. Miz looses his cool, ranting about how he used the briefcase to launch a career into superstardom, but Otis is disrespecting it and using it as a lunchbox.

The challenge for a tag team match is thrown down, and while Tucker is stuck at home tonight “with a case of dysentery from the Oregon Trail”, Otis will find a partner and meet Miz and Morrison in the ring!

Announcement: The Intercontinental Championship tournament will feature 8 Superstars in total – King Baron Corbin, Elias, Daniel Bryan, Drew Gulak, Jeff Hardy, Sheamus, Shinsuke Nakamura and… Monday Night Raw Superstar AJ STYLES! More on that later, apparently…


This is more of a brawl than a match. Corbin dominates a lot of the early action until he rolls to the outside and goes after Elias’ guitar, and Elias hulks up and runs at him like a bat out of hell. They trade fists to the floor and Corbin throws his opponent on top of the commentary table, pummeling with elbow shots over and over again. Back in the ring he connects with a nasty lariat to the chest, but it’s not enough to get the win.

Corbin drops a few elbows. Back suplex, knee drop, body shots, suplex. Elias fights back with rights and lefts, throws Corbin from the ring, but he does his fake-out lariat again… but this time gets planted with a huge spinebuster. Two-count. Elias slowly heads up top, but gets slammed back down and Corbin starts raining down elbows to the back of his head.

Corbin goes out and gets the guitar again, and this time he smashes it across the ring post into about a million pieces. He rolls back in and sets up for the End of Days, but Elias rolls him up with a small package and sneaks out the victory.

Winner: Elias


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