WWE Smackdown Results (7/10): New Day Defend Tag Team Titles, Jeff Hardy In Action, Karaoke Disaster & More


WWE Smackdown Results
July 10, 2020
Orlando, FL


The Miz and John Morrison kick off the show in the ring. They go back and forth with one listing off Jeff Hardy’s many accolades, and the other listing off one of his many shortcomings and personal demons. Classy move, guys. Morrison mocks the dance moves Hardy does during his entrance and dances around like a massive dork.

The “Charismatic Enigma” eventually makes his way out, and it’s very clear he does not want to be here dealing with their shenanigans right now. They ask Jeff if he’s brought a clip with him. He has not. That’s okay, because they have a clip of their own! They roll a video package recapping the Hardy and Sheamus feud over the past few months, just to remind him of all the B.S. he’s been through.

The Miz says that Jeff Hardy is his daughter’s favorite Superstars, although she probably doesn’t know what’s going on and just likes all the bright colors. Hardy wants to know if the two of them have a point, because if not he’s going to break something. Morrison wants to know if Sheamus is in his head. Jeff says the loss at Backlash bothered him, obviously, but he needs to destroy Sheamus because that will allow him to finally put the past behind him.

The two continue to mock Hardy, and propose that he and Sheamus have a rematch. But they can’t have it in a WWE ring, because it has to happen somewhere near and dear to Jeff’s heart – he needs to have a BAR FIGHT! Jeff rolls his eyes and tells them he accepts the challenge, because at the end of the day he’s putting Sheamus and his demons behind him, and he’s going to prove that he’s on the road to success once again.

They stand up to leave and Hardy suddenly goes wild with punches to both of them. They bail from the ring and Hardy starts throwing the MizTV set over the ropes, as we head to commercial….

Jeff Hardy vs. The Miz (w/ John Morrison)

The match is in progress as we return. The two are trading shots on the apron, and Miz drops Hardy’s neck on the top rope and sweeps the leg, forcing him to land awkwardly on the edge of the ring. Miz drags him back inside and stomps away on the lower back. He shoots him into the ropes and delivers a kitchen sink leg lift, makes the cover, hooks the leg, but only gets a two-count.

Miz keeps the pressure on with a side headlock, taking breaks to drive his knee into his opponent’s back. Hardy attempts to rally with body shots and comes off the ropes, surprising Miz with a roll-up. The Twist of Fate connects, and Hardy heads to the top rope – Morrison pulls his partner from the ring, so instead Hardy dives off the top turnbuckle to the ground, taking them both out.

Back from another commercial with Miz back in control, stalking Hardy around the ring and putting the boots to him. He delivers a series of “It Kicks” and a trio of running clotheslines in the corner. Hardy explodes out of nowhere trying for the Twist of Fate, but Miz counters with a nasty DDT to save himself. He sets in with more “It Kicks” while Morrison and Corey Graves sing their “hey hey ho ho” song. That is incredibly annoying…

The beating continues for a few more minutes until Hardy catches him with an elbow strike and a sit-down jawbreaker. He fires off with right hands and sends Miz into the ropes for an Atomic Drop and basement dropkick combo. Running splash. Twist of Fate coming, but it’s blocked for a third time. Hardy counters with a small package for a nearfall, then knocks Morrison off the apron. He heads to the top for the Swanton until…

Sheamus shows up on the tron. He begins ranting and raving about enjoying a pint of beer and how delicious it is. Miz rolls him up from behind, but Hardy rolls through into a pin of his own to steal the victory!

Winner: Jeff Hardy


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