WWE SmackDown Results (5/8): Sonya Deville Battles Mandy Rose, MITB Go-Home Show, More!


May 8th, 2020


Mandy Rose is shown warming up backstage as Otis asks what he can to help, and Mandy tells him to just focus on his Money In The Bank match as she has got this. Sonya is then shown warming up and she tells Dolph Ziggler she’s never been more ready for anything in her entire life.


Right out of the gate, Mandy Rose attacks Sonya Deville with a sharp knee to the face and then wastes no time in keeping up the attack until she’s forced apart. Sonya escapes to the outside and then catches Rose as she gets back into the ring with a sharp kick, following up with an attack to Mandy’s injured leg.

Deville then trash talks, Mandy, slapping her as she then drags her back to the mat and continues to trash talk her as she locks in a submission. Sonya yanks off the eyelashes on Mandy’s face, and then continues to kick away the injured leg.

Mandy finally shows some fight though with several clotheslines and then a sharp knee which sends Sonya outside the ring. Mandy follows her out and slams Deville’s head off the announce table and steel steps. Rose then continues her aggressive attack, launching Sonya over the announce table.

However, as Mandy brings Sonya back into the ring she seemed to be in total control until Deville pulled out a roll-up to earn the victory as she quickly escaped the ring.

Winner: Sonya Deville


Kofi Kingston and The Miz kick things off in this one with Miz getting Kingston to his corner, but he is able to fight his way out and it leads to absolutely everyone entering the ring and brawling as the babyfaces dominate. The heels end up on the outside and the babyfaces fly out to take them down and stand tall.

As the match returns it is Wesley Blake in control of Big E, but the tag team champion looks to turn things around with a big elbow as Kofi returns. He takes slight and launches himself over Big E, dropping down with a leg drop that gains a near fall.

Kofi and then Big E both hit big splashes as Gran Metalik then gets involved as he and Lince Dorado hit splashes of their own, but Blake is able to kick out once again. Kofi then gets caught out with a splash in the corner though as Blake avoids it and Miz returns to the ring, connecting with a huge kick to the face.

John Morrison then gets his first taste of action with a knee to the face of Kofi, who continues to be isolated as Steve Cutler then starts throwing his weight around. Kofi finally avoids Blake’s attack and manages to level Cutler with a superkick. However, his momentum doesn’t last long as Blake returns with a suicide dive which connects on the outside.

The heels then continue to dominate Kofi, making regular tags as Kingston finally starts fighting out, but Miz tries to drag Kofi to his corner. He finally fights out of it and goes for the tag, but just as that happens, all his partners are pulled away from the apron.

Kingston hits SOS to Miz and finally, he is able to tag as Gran Metalik leaps in and connects with a crossbody to Morrison. He follows it with a dropkick but as Lince Dorado joins in he has both The Forgotten Sons to deal with as he hits a double springboard stunner.

Metalik then plants Morrison with an amazing counter, but he kicks out yet again. Metalik hits a moonsault from the second rope as Dorado then flys from the top rope, but the pinfall is broken up. Kingston and Big E finally end up levelling things up. But, in the end, it is the heels who dominate as Big E gets stomped into the floor as Kofi is powerbombed onto him for good measure.

Morrison plants Lice Dorado, but he fights back with a poisonrana, however, a blind tag had been made and The Miz hits his Skull Crushing Finale to score a win.

Winner: The Forgotten Sons & Miz/Morrison

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