WWE SmackDown Results (8/13): Buddy Murphy Impresses, Daniel Bryan Tries To Clear His Name, More


August 13th, 2019
Results by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com

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We are kicking off SmackDown Live this week with Kevin Owens, who gets a huge reaction from the Canadian crowd. KO says yesterday was the five year anniversary of when he signed his WWE contract, and during that time he has been in the ring with some of the absolute best, and last Sunday he wrestled somebody who claims to be Best In The World.

KO assures everyone that is as far from reality as can be, but the night will go down in history for him as his family was at ringside which meant they got to experience the arena rocking wanting him to kick Shane’s ass and he says because of the fans he will remember if for the rest of his life.

Now that is done, he is setting his sights on the King of the Ring tournament, claiming that the tournament was one of the things he always loved when he was a child, adding that winning that is as big as picking up any title he has already won.

However, as Owens lists off legends who have won the tournament previously, he is interrupted by Shane McMahon himself. Shane says he is out here for a specific reason, as he wants to show what a low life KO is, showing footage from SummerSlam where he hit him with a low blow kick.

Owens says being a man is doing whatever it takes to win, especially if his job is on the line, and in this situation being a man just means shutting Shane’s stupid face. Shane claims that KO will always be known as a cheater, and he will have to go through his whole life living like that.

The fact that he is able to see his face makes Shane’s blood boil, saying he wants to beat the crap out of him, but he is going to show some restraint, but KO will be competing later on tonight. Shane then moves things on to show the footage of Owens attacking Elias with a steel chair during the SummerSlam match, claiming that he is s traumatized, he had to give Elias the night off, suspending the 24/7 Championship rules for tonight.

Shane points out that Elias was wearing an official referee jersey, and he says he has been thinking about what needs to happen to keep everyone safe, and he then fines Owens $100,000 for his assault of an official. Owens says that is a lot of money to him, and he thinks Shane should reconsider it because he knows it is crap… Shane does that and decides the answer is nope.

Owens then follows Shane McMahon to his office and he warns him that anything he does will add to the fine increasing, which leads to Owens throwing a chair at Shane’s television, so the fine is now $105,000.


Looking to respond from her SmackDown Live Women’s Championship loss, Ember Moon is going one on one with Charlotte Flair in the first match of the night and the two women lock up early as Flair takes advantage early on, until a big dropkick from Moon.

Ember then jumps into the second rope and springboards to the outside, taking out the Queen in an amazing move, but Charlotte quickly makes the tables turn by launching Moon into the LED board. As we return from the commercial it is all Flair as she works the left leg of Moon, looking for the Figure Four but Ember manages to stop it.

The Queen continues to work on the leg of Ember, but goes to the well one too many times and Ember avoids it, catching Flair with a kick to the head as she then lights up Charlotte with some rapid-fire strikes and a big right hand which takes down the Queen.

Flair then tries to send Ember into the turnbuckles but she reverses brilliantly by leaping to the bottom rope and turning it into a codebreaker style manoeuvre. Moon then looks for the Eclipse but Charlotte drags her to the floor, only to miss with her Spear attempt, going face-first into the second turnbuckle.

Despite Moon’s best efforts to put Charlotte away, Flair takes her out with a big boot and manages to lock in the Figure Four, forcing Ember to tap out.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

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