WWE SmackDown Results (8/13): Buddy Murphy Impresses, Daniel Bryan Tries To Clear His Name, More



Daniel Bryan and Rowan appear at the ring entrance and Bryan says that the problem is, Buddy Murphy said the wrong name, and he then claims the fans all think that he and Rowan did it, but that is what is what’s wrong with everyone. Bryan says somebody tells a lie, it gets spread on social media, and it becomes the truth.

However, Bryan claims that he and Rowan had nothing to do with the incidents and tonight they are going to prove that.


Backstage Shane McMahon is asked who Kevin Owens’ opponent will be tonight, which leads to Samoa Joe appearing saying that the only badass around here, is him.


Aleister Black  wonders who has got a debt to pay and is ready to look their inner demons in the eyes and say “I am done.” His will be paid and in due time he will find an end for any member of the locker room, as all they have to do is knock.


The two men lock up early with Roman Reigns getting the best of the situation, but Buddy Murphy doesn’t back down as he slaps Roman in the face which leads to him receiving a huge uppercut. However, Murphy responds with a huge kick to the face as he takes the Big Dog to the outside, launching him into the barricade several times.

However, Murphy’s time on top is brief as Roman ends up launching him over to the announce desk, but Murphy then smartly plays possum as Roman goes for the Drive-By, which he avoids, and Murphy then launches him into the steel stairs before diving off knees first into Roman.

With Murphy locking in a tight submission, Roman attempts to break out by pushing him back into the turnbuckle and eventually he gets free, hitting a huge powerbomb straight away following a roll-up attempt, but Murphy is able to continue battling through here.

Roman then starts finding his feet as he takes down Murphy with a clothesline before battering him in the corner which he follows up with a big boot. Roman then attempts a Superman Punch but Buddy reverses and ends up sending Roman into the turnbuckle as he then dumps him to the outside, as Murphy flies over the top rope to take down Reigns.

Murphy then follows that with another double knee onto the chest of Roman as he leaps from the top rope, but Reigns is able to kick out. Murphy and Reigns then trade blows, but Roman gets the best of it with a big Superman Punch, yet Murphy kicks out again!

Roman looks for the Spear but Murphy reverses with three huge knees to Roman and then a brainbuster, and this time it is Reigns who is scrambling to stay in the match. Murphy then climbs to the top rope but Roman stops whatever he was attempting by sending him into the barricade.

Reigns then leaps over the steel steps with a massive Superman Punch and sends Buddy back into the ring where he destroys him with a huge Spear to get the win. (Massive performance from Buddy Murphy here)

Winner: Roman Reigns

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