WWE SmackDown Results (8/13): Buddy Murphy Impresses, Daniel Bryan Tries To Clear His Name, More



Scott Dawson says that on Raw a mob of mindless morons got involved in their tag team match last night, which was a smack in the face of the tag team division, and the reason for that is New Day, ith Dash Wilder claiming that they are ruining tag team wrestling.

Dawson says tonight they are going to show New Day why they have never beaten them and prove what they think of a punchline.

New Day is then interviewed where they claim they have ruined nothing, whilst Kofi Kingston adds that he doesn’t regret what he did at SummerSlam, and tonight he will be out with his brothers.


Before the match begins it is announced that Elias will once again be the special guest enforcer for this match. Kevin Owens takes the fight to Samoa Joe straight away, taking him out and screaming at Elias, with Joe rolling out of the ring. As he looks to continue the attack, Elias stands in his way, allowing Joe to run and swipe KO’s legs on the ring apron.

Joe remains in complete control throughout the commercial break but Kevin Owens does try to fight back as the two men trade chops until a headbutt takes out Owens, although he once again fights back with a dropkick as KO follows it up with a Senton.

Owens looks to continue chasing Joe but he gets sat down in the corner by Joe. Both men then make their way to the second rope and it is Owens who wins the brawl, eventually hitting a Senton from the top rope, but Joe is able to kick out.

Joe looks to lock in the Coquina Clutch, but Kevin Owens reverses and hits a Pop-Up Powerbomb, but as the referee almost counts three, Elias rags him out of the ring and gets in himself as the new official. KO and Elias stare it out and Joe gets a roll-up whilst Owens is distracted as Elias makes an incredibly fast count to end the match.

Winner: Samoa Joe


Daniel Bryan demands everyone leaves the locker room, except Buddy Murphy as he tells him that he knows that he lied and knows why Buddy did that, but he needs him to admit that. Murphy smiles and tries to get up but Rowan grabs him and starts launching him around the locker room.

Eventually, Murphy admits that he lied, but Bryan tells Rowan he hates liars and so he launches him across the room once again.

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