WWE SmackDown Results (8/13): Buddy Murphy Impresses, Daniel Bryan Tries To Clear His Name, More



Randy Orton questions how Kofi Kingston can cheerlead for his boys when he ran away from a fight at SummerSlam, adding that he knows why he ran away because Kofi knows he can’t beat him. Orton says worst of all, Kofi ran away from a fight in front of his wife and two sons.

Orton says he will give Kofi one more opportunity to prove him wrong, giving the idea of a six-man tag team match tonight, which Kingston accepts.


Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston start things up, but the Viper tags out before anything can happen as Scott Dawson starts the match, but he is quickly sent flying by the WWE Champion as the Tag Team Champions quickly get involved with a nice double team.

However, Dawson grabs the hair of Woods and starts lighting up his chest with chops as Wilder gets involved for the first time with The Revival working some nice double team moves. Woods then picks up the pace and a dropkick sees him go for the cover but Dash kicks out straight away.

The Revival smartly use the numbers game and manipulate Woods, with Wilder isolating the arm and planting him to the mat on his way out as Dawson immediately continues working on the same area with a submission hold.

The Revival continue to isolate Woods, despite his rolling elbow almost breaking things off as he is sent crashing to the outside as Orton quickly catches him and drops him onto the announce table. Back from the commercial break and Woods has still failed to make the tag that he desperately needs, with Scott Dawson mocking him and his injured arm.

Woods eventually creates some breathing room after Dawson is sent headfirst into the turnbuckle and he finally makes a tag to Big E who comes in and picks up the pace, taking down Dash Wilder, hitting a massive splash in the middle of the ring.

An interference from Dawson created a good distraction though as The Revival take down Big E, but Kofi Kingston tags in and leaps from the top rope, taking out both men. As he wants to continue the attack, Randy Orton attempts an RKO but Kingston sees it coming and sends him to the outside before following it up with a big leap over the top rope.

Woods then returns to action as he tries to fight both men on his own with one arm, but the numbers game gets the best of him and a blind tag helps set things up as The Revival hit Shatter Machine to get the win.

Winners: The Revival & Randy Orton

Following the match, The Revival attack Big E, but Kofi Kingston comes in and makes the save, only to be taken out by an RKO. Orton isn’t finished there though as he hits another RKO, this time to the beaten-down Xavier Woods and then one for Big E as well as another for Kofi.

Backstage Roman Reigns appears in the locker room as Daniel Bryan demands an apology, but Roman appears to be ready to fight, although Bryan stops him, claiming they have been conducting their own investigation and next week, they will bring him the culprit.

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