WWE Speculation on Hogan’s Future, Backstage Talk on WrestleMania


– For what it’s worth, people within WWE believe that Hulk Hogan is staying with TNA. At the same time, there are people in WWE would like to have him for WrestleMania XXX but the question is do they want him bad enough to out-bid TNA.

It was noted by a WWE source that if they put either Randy Savage or The Ultimate Warrior in the Hall of Fame next year, Hogan could do their induction speech, plus some kind of angle with a mid-level heel on the actual pay-per-view.

With The Rock and Steve Austin very questionable for WrestleMania XXX, Hogan could be the person to deliver big numbers for WWE. Last year’s WrestleMania numbers were disappointing and there’s a feeling that The Rock appearing for the fourth straight year isn’t going to pop the numbers this time around. Unless there is a major outside attraction, there’s also a feeling that the only ting that will get WrestleMania back to its previous numbers is an announced retirement and final match for The Undertaker, something big with Hogan or something big with Austin.

Plans for the McMahons at WrestleMania XXX, More Big 2014 WWE HOF News…

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. Clearly wwe has no respect for legends, randy savage said many times he doesn’t want to be in the wwe hof, he’s in a few hall of fames but he doesn’t want to be in a the wwe hall of fame and they need to respect that

    • umm no…he didn’t want to be in the hall of fame WITHOUT his dad and lanny. The WHOLE family. Get your story straight. 😉

  2. If Taker’s retiring I want him to take out the company’s biggest B****-Cena! It’d be a perfect ending to his career! But I think Vince is too chicken-s*** to keep “protecting” him even though if u want something “best for business”-huge ppv buys.

  3. Hogan in WWE is huge!! Hogan in TNA is big. Hogan is a huge draw in WWE. Vince is the only person that knows how to properly market Hulk Hogan. Hogan can easily headline the main event Taker vs Hogan. CM pUnk vs Hogan. Cena vs Hogan. Del Rio vs Hogan. Orton vs Hogan. Plus I would also love to see Hogan with the NWO put over The Shield.

  4. Hogan must END the streak..only Hulkamania is powerful enough to do that…plus he laid down twice for the title for undertaker. Pay up deadman!


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