Current WWE Star Reportedly Using Gimmick Originally Planned for ‘Emmalina’


Back in 2017, WWE began running promo videos hyping the transformation of then-star Emma into “Emmalina”. The company then promoted the debut of Emmalina several times, but it never took place, leaving fans wondering if the return had been scrapped, and when, if ever, Emma would return to WWE TV.

Then on February 13th, on an episode of WWE Raw, Emma finally made her return to TV, and debuted her much-anticipated Emmalina gimmick. She cut a promo, which you can watch above, discussing her “makeover”, but then quickly noted fans would see the makeover from Emmalina back to Emma, once again leaving fans puzzled by the gimmick.

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The gimmick ended up going nowhere, and Emma was released from WWE later that year.

James McKenna of Pro Wrestling Sheet is now reporting that the gimmick originally intended for Emma is now being portrayed by current WWE star Mandy Rose, following Rose’s split from Absolution. You can read more details in the following Tweet from McKenna: