WWE Starrcade Results


WWE Starrcade Results
December 1, 2019
Duluth, GA

— Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton are on commentary and are standing in the corner without a desk because of the house show setup.


Owens makes his way to the ring to a very good reaction, and says this might be the biggest Kevin Owens Show that he’s ever done because of his guest tonight. The “Nature Boy” Ric Flair wastes little time coming out to get this party started.

Flair says he was given bullet points to talk about tonight, but he just wants to take a second and say that he’s a huge fan of KO, and of course getting to watch his daughter. His mic goes out and the crowd chants “We Can’t Hear You” and Flair looked confused. They got things working again and Flair rambled for a long time about how the fans came to see Starrcade, and how none of the guys wrestling tonight were even alive back when he was wrestling at the very first one 36 years ago.

Owens put over Ric as the reason most of the people in the back are here tonight, and wants to hear one big “Wooo!” tonight at Starrcade. Flair starts cutting a promo, but they’re interrupted by The O.C., Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.

Anderson wants to know why we’re wasting time talking about the past and people like Ric Flair, while guys like him and Gallows are the best tag team in the world. KO insulted them for being bald. Gallows says the rest of the 45 minutes of the show should just be a highlight reel of all their greatest achievements.

Here comes the Street Profits! Ford hypes up them being in Atlanta. They’re in Duluth… He volunteers to beat up The O.C. tonight while Owens and Flair watch from ringside.

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Ford starts things off doing some wild flips and dropkicks. He does a bit of struttin’ and Flair approves with a big “Woo!” Dawkins tags in and hits a big standing dropkick before setting in with a side headlock. After a beat he tags Ford back in, who comes off the ropes with another dropkick, and goes right back to the headlock while working his opponent’s arm.

Anderson eventually just powers out and tags big Luke Gallows, who nearly decapitates Ford with a big boot, from the apron into the barricade. Karl attacks from behind with an uppercut to the back of the neck, before rolling him back into the ring for a 2-on-1 beatdown. Another big kick from the big man, and Ford is barely conscious. They tease the hot tag, but The O.C. is able to keep him isolated, knocking Dawkins off the apron, distracting the referee, etc.

After a few minutes Ford finds a second win and fires off with a series of rapid kicks and strikes, clearing the apron and taking down Gallows with an enzuigiri. He finally makes the tag to Dawkins who comes in with clotheslines on Anderson, dropkicks both opponents, before hitting them with corner splashes one after another. He sends Gallows over the ropes, but turns around into a Spinebuster from the “Machine Gun” for a close nearfall.

O.C. set up for a neckbreaker combo, and it connects. When it’s not enough they look for the Magic Killer, but Ford is back to make the save. Dawkins flies over the ropes to take out Anderson on the floor, while Ford comes off the top with a huge Frog Splash, scoring the win. Flair is having a blast at ringside.

Winners: The Street Profits


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