WWE Starrcade Results


— Bobby Lashley, who is dressed to compete, comes out to the ring accompanied by Lana. She calls her new boyfriend the gift that keeps on giving, unlike her soon-to-be ex-husband. The crowd starts chanting “Rusev Day!” and she freaks out at them, shushing them like the AEW Librarian. Lana then says she filed another restraining order against Rusev the second they landed in Georgia, and there will be no Last Man Standing match tonight. Rusev Day is cancelled! Lashley demands that the referee raise his hand and declare him the winner via forfeit, which they do. But wait, there’s more!

— Kevin Owens is back! He says he’s not letting this show go off the air with Bobby Lashley and his “stupid relationship” with Lana. He mocks them both and says nobody in the world cares about either of them, and calls out Lana for constantly forgetting that she’s supposed to have a Russian accent.


Lashley charges but Owens ducks it and levels him with a superkick. It rocks the big man but he doesn’t go down, so Owens hits a second and a third superkick to take him to the mat, followed by a cannonball splash in the corner. Lashley rolls to the floor to take a breather, but KO runs the apron and flies off with a senton bomb sending them both into a barricade.

Lana ends up causing a distraction that allows Lashley to drop KO hard on the apron. He follows by throwing him into the barricade, a few chairs, the steps, etc. while the referee is yelling at them to get back in the ring. Owens sees that Bob has his ribs tapped up under his shirt, so he starts throwing knees and shots to the injured area which gives him some room, but Lashley drops him with a boot and locks in a side headlock to slow things down.

Lashley spends several minutes keeping his opponent grounded as much as possible. A few comeback attempts here and there, but Owens struggled to get anything going. They end up battling on the top rope, trading shots, and KO fights off a superplex with shots to the ribs, then rocks him with a big headbutt. Lashley falls to the mat and Owens hits a Swanton Bomb, then goes back up to and hits a Frog Splash.

Lashley slowly got up and charged the corner but Owens sidestepped and dropped him with the Stunner! He makes the cover, but the Lana rolls into the ring and distracts the referee so he doesn’t see it. KO goes after her, but turns around into a massive spinebuster. Lana throws a steel chair into the ring… but the crowd goes crazy as Rusev is running through the arena!

Winner: Bobby Lashley (via DQ)

Rusev beat the hell out of Lashley in the corner with dozens of rights and lefts, before taking him to the floor and hammering his shoulder into the ring post numerous times. He throws him through one of the barricades and they fight out into the audience.

They eventually make their way back to the ring, but Lana jumps on her husband and gives Lashley time to fight back. He attacks with a kendo stick over and over again, but goes for a spear and Rusev blasts him with the kendo stick, snapping it in half. The crowd is going nuts for him. He grabs the steel chair and drills it into the bandages ribs, then smashes Lashley’s back several times just for fun. Finally, he throws the chair and Lashley catches it, then delivers a Matchka Kick into the chair!

The crowd chants “Rusev Day!” as Lana and Lashley leave together, with the Bulgarian Brute standing in the ring smiling, holding the broken chair.

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