WWE Issues Statement On Jinder Mahal’s Promo From SmackDown Live

jinder mahal

The Washington Post did a story about Jinder Mahal’s promo from this past Tuesday’s SmackDown Live, where the current WWE Champion mocked Shinsuke Nakamura, saying that “you all rook the same.”

The article featured a statement from WWE regarding Mahal’s promo:

“Just like many other TV shows or movies, WWE creates programming with fictional personalities that cover real world issues and sensitive subjects. They As a producer of such TV shows, WWE Corporate is committed to embracing and celebrating individuals from all backgrounds as demonstrated by the diversity of our employees, performers and fans worldwide.”

  • Mister E

    Excuses excuses

  • Anonymous

    In short, its a TV show. Jinder is a heel and its job to piss people off to the point they will pay money to see him get his ass kicked. He does a good job of that. I would also guess they ran the angle and script past Nakamura beforehand to see if he had any issues with it. As an experienced professional wrestler, Nakamura probably laughed like hell and worked with Jinder on how to mispronounce “rook”.
    People need to stop being snowflakes, sit back and enjoy the show.
    It’s sure better than reality lately!

    • Anonymous

      I’m telling you. Folks need to chill

  • Anonymous

    Nakamura should have made a Terrorist joke!!!

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