WWE Stomping Grounds Results (6/23): New Champions Crowned, Kingston vs. Ziggler in a Cage, Who Was Corbin’s Guest Referee?


WWE Stomping Grounds Results
Tacoma, Washington
June 23, 2019
Live Report by Doug Enriquez For ProWrestling.com



Drew Gulak goes right after Tony Nese but Nese throws him out of the ring. Nese kicks Tozawa in the midsection and then forces a cover, but Tozawa kicks out. Nese gets on the apron the Gulak looks to sweep the legs of Nese, but Nese jumps over and nails Gulak with a kick to the face. Nese celebrates but it’s short lived as Tozawa hits a suicide dive onto Nese, then follows it up with a summersault onto Gulak who is on the barricade.

Tozawa throws Nese back in and goes to the top, but Nese interrupts him and hits a European Uppercut on Tozawa, knocking him to the mat. Gulak grabs Nese and lays him on the second rope. He proceeds to grab Tozawa and snap suplexes him right onto Nese.

Gulak quickly grabs Nese and locks on a submission right in the center of the ring! Nese has no place to go and is writhing in pain. The Gu-Lock is in now, and Nese is in trouble! OUT OF NOWHERE, Tozawa hits a senton onto both men from the top rope! Tozawa follows it up with a running dropkick to the face of Gulak. He goes for the cover but Gulak kicks out!

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Tozawa now puts Nese on the top rope and looks to hit a superplex, but Gulak cuts him off and superplexes him! Gulak picks up Nese and puts him on his shoulders for a torture rack neck breaker, but Nese slips out onto the apron. Tozawa comes to dropkick Gulak, but Gulak moves and Tozawa hits Nese, who goes flying into the barricade!

Gulak uses the confusion to pick up Tozawa and deliver the Torture Rack Neck Breaker…1……..2………….3! WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION!

Winner, AND NEWWWW WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Drew Gulak!

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