WWE SummerSlam Results: Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton, Dominik Debuts, Asuka Pulls Double Duty & More


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WWE SummerSlam Results
August 23, 2020

United States Championship Match: Apollo Crews (c) vs. MVP

Just a reminder, Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin are banned from ringside for this match, as a result of Crews defeating Benjamin this past week on Monday Night Raw.

Crews starts out with a series of dropkicks. He charges the corner, but gets tossed over the ropes, landing hard on the floor below. MVP throws him into the barricade and takes his time, setting in with punches and knees on the mat. He takes the champ to the top rope and delivers a big superplex for an early two-count.

Apollo fights back and flies over the ropes with a beautiful tope con hilo. Both are slow to get up, barely making it back into the ring to break the referee’s count at 9. They start trading punches in the center, but Crews snaps and goes crazy on him with elbows, punches and knees to the gut.

MVP takes a cheap shot and sets up the Playmaker, but the champ counters into a cross powerbomb to retain. Very simple match. Benjamin and Lashley ran out after the match, but Crews escaped the ring with his title and ran up the ramp to safety.

Winner & Still Champion: Apollo Crews

Smackdown Women’s Championship Match: Bayley (c)(w/ Sasha Banks) vs. Asuka

Asuka goes right after the champion with hard kicks to the chest and a running knee. She applies a body stretch and takes it to the mat with an extremely early submission, but they struggle into the ropes and the ref breaks it up.

Asuka goes low with a dropkick to the knees and hangs Bayley up in the ropes, then dropkicks her hard to the floor. She stares a hole through the back of Sasha’s head at ringside, letting her know what she’s in for later tonight, before jumping off the steps into diving DDT on the floor!

Bayley comes back with forearms and hits a neckbreaker in the ropes. She stalks her around the ring with stops, and blatantly chokes her with a boot. C’mon ref… Into a side headlock they go. Things don’t slow down for too long, as Asuka fights back and rolls the champ up for a nearfall. BAYLEY TO BELLY! 1… 2… No.

Asuka is nowhere near done yet. She fires back with nasty kicks to the head and hits a German suplex. Side suplex. Saito suplex. A running dropkick connects to the side of the head for a two-count. Asuka tries for the Asuka Lock but Bayley surprises her with a counter into what kind of looked like a Trailer Hitch.

Asuka breaks the hold in the ropes, and goes to work with more kicks. She climbs to the top rope looking for a missile dropkick, but Bayley sidesteps and hooks the leg into an ankle lock! Bayley releases the hold and hits a nasty kick. She turns around right into the Asuka Lock, flailing everywhere, accidentally taking out Sasha Banks at ringside in the process.

Things rapidly spin out of control and Asuka kicks Sasha off the apron. Bayley rolls her up, but only gets a two-count. Banks comes back again as Bayley moves out of the way and lets her partner eat the flying hip attack. Bayley rolls up the challenger a second time, and this time she gets the pin.

Winner & Still Champion: Bayley

Bayley and Banks immediately jump Asuka after the match and put the boots to her, until they’re satisfied she has been significantly beaten down.


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