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Raw Women’s Championship Match: Sasha Banks (c)(w/ Bayley) vs. Asuka

Asuka goes right after the champion with knees and kicks to the head. Sasha rolls out of the ring trying to escape, but the challenger cuts her off from Bayley and locks in a kneebar on the floor. The ref gets to an 8-count so Asuka throws Banks back into the ring and hits her with a hip attack in the corner, rolling right into a cross armbreaker.

Sasha gets to the ropes and rolls out to the apron. Asuka sets in with kicks, but swings big and hits the post, stunning her. Banks flies across the apron INTO A SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB INTO THE FLOOR! The thud of Asuka’s body was disgusting, but somehow she still got back up and beat the referee’s count.

Banks, now firmly in control, delivers a running knee in the corner that nearly takes her opponent’s head off. She delivers shoulder thrusts and tries to take the challenger to the top rope, but Asuka counters with a facebuster and applies an ankle lock again. She climbs the ropes for added leverage, but Sasha kicks her hard to escape.

Asuka throws punches to escape a superplex attempt, and turns it into an Avalanche Impaler DDT! Good lord. Both women are down, and completely exhausted. This hasn’t been a long match, but they went at 150% immediately and have both taken some insane, stiff bumps.

Asuka slowly climbs to the top rope, connecting with a missile dropkick clear across the ring. Two-count. Frustrated, she sets in with punches and stomps a mudhole in the corner. She charges right into a Codebreaker, and now it’s Sasha’s turn to get frustrated off a two-count. Sasha goes up top, but crashes and burns looking for a Frog Splash.

Both women slowly rise in opposite corners. They charge each other but Asuka turns it into the Asuka Lock! Banks reverses into a pin and nearly wins it, then transitions into the Bank Statement. She tries to use the ropes for extra leverage, but it’s reversed into the Asuka Lock! They both start swinging on each other, and both collapse.

Bayley climbs to the apron, really just now getting involved in the match for the first time. Asuka knocks her down with a hip attack, and in the chaos catches Banks once again in the Asuka Lock. It’s over.

Winner & New Raw Women’s Champion: Asuka


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