WWE SummerSlam Results: Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton, Dominik Debuts, Asuka Pulls Double Duty & More


WWE Championship Match: Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Randy Orton

The bell rings and Orton immediately rolls out of the ring, playing a little mind games and frustrating the champion. They finally lock up and Orton intentionally backs into the ropes, making the referee do his job and separate them. Eventually McIntyre snaps and goes after him, but Orton saw it coming and throws the champ in the corner, hammering away with punches and stomps.

The “Viper” tries for an early RKO, and this time it’s the champ who rolls outside to save himself. He’s not happy about it. The mind games are REAL.

McIntyre rolls in and the two start trading wild rights and lefts. He takes his opponent to the corner, but Orton turns the tables and delivers blows of his own. They brawl outside and the champ goes shoulder-first into the post, then off the announce table, which Orton proceeds to clear off. Big back suplex, right on top of the desk!

The brawl heads back into the ring. You know, it’s really under-appreciated how big both of these guys are. McIntyre makes everyone look small, but Orton doesn’t look outmatched at all. And yes I’m rambling, but they’ve been trading holds and slow, methodical offense for several minutes. They’re great at it, but it’s not super exciting to type out.

McIntyre locks in a Figure Four and puts all kinds of pressure on the hold. Orton is clearly in pain and goes after the official, grabbing at his jersey and pulling him to the mat. Meanwhile, he drove his thumb into the champ’s left eye to break the hold. Eat your heart out, Ric Flair. “The Viper” gets to his feet suddenly feeling very cocky again, but he turns around right into a sickening headbutt.

McIntyre has a cut either right above, or under his eye. He delivers some heavy knife-edge chops, and Orton fires back with European uppercuts. RKO coming, but McIntyre slams him into the mat and sends him flying with an overhead belly-to-belly. Aaaaand a second for good measure!

The Scottish juggernaut slowly climbs to the top rope, and takes down Orton with a humongous flying lariat. And he kips up! McIntyre puts his opponent on the top turnbuckle after raining down with more punches and some loud chops to the chest. They trade shots up top, and Orton ends up trapping him in the tree of woe. He takes a second to catch his breath, and McIntyre kills him with a Spider Suplex!

McIntyre signals for the end. Future Shock DDT connects! 1… 2… not enough. Both men are now bleeding. He gets Orton up but he snakes out the back and throws more forearms. Back to the top rope they go. McIntyre knocks him down and looks to fly, but lands on his feet and Orton delivers a signature snap powerslam.

Both men slowly get to their feet. McIntyre hits a Glasgow Kiss, then clotheslines his opponent over the ropes, spilling to the floor with him. Orton comes back with strikes and hits the Hangman DDT. He coils and starts slamming his fists on the mat, yelling at the champion to get up, but McIntyre collapses.

Orton backs up into the corner and lines up for the Punt Kick, but McIntyre was playing possum and catches him with a thunderous powerbomb! MCINTYRE IS FEELING IT BABY! He tries for the Claymore Kick, Orton dodges it and tries for the RKO, McIntyre stacks him up with a surprise pin and gets the three-count!

Winner & Still Champion: Drew McIntyre


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