WWE Super Show-Down Results (10/6): Triple H vs Undertaker, John Cena Returns, 4 Title Matches & More

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WWE Super Show-Down Results
October 6, 2018

— Michael Cole welcomes us to The MCG where “more than 70,000” screaming fans are treated to literally all of the pyro in Australia. He is of course joined by Corey Graves and Renee Young, who will be calling all the action for both brands throughout the show.


It’ll be Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods defending for the New Day. The boys fly over the ropes to get things started, but Cesaro and Sheamus caught them out of the air and powered them both hard into the ring post. The Bar rolled Woods back in and slowed things down momentarily, working him over with quick tags and headlocks. Kofi tagged in and went for a sunset flip, but again they caught him and he suffered the same fate as his partner.

The challengers did a great job cutting the ring in half, punishing Woods on the outside while Big E was helpless to assist his team. Every time Kofi finally managed to fight free, he had nobody to tag. They attacked Woods so many times, taking cheap shots, and he was really selling the back. Eventually Xavier got the hot tag and he went wild with chops and kicks to the Irishman. He tried for a slingshot DDT from the apron, but Sheamus blocked it and hit the Irish Curse backbreaker. New Day could not get ANY offense going in this one!

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The Bar got a nearfall off a sick spot where Sheamus literally just threw Woods into a sick uppercut from Cesaro. The Swiss Cyborg connected with a big swing and sat down on a Sharpshooter, but Kofi saved the match and brawled with Sheamus over the ropes to the outside. Woods with a victory roll out of nowehre for an extremely close nearfall. Cesaro responded with a roll-up of his own and got his feet on the ropes for extra leverage, but Kingston on the outside caught it and threw his feet off just in time. Sheamus ate Trouble in Paradise on the outside, and New Day hit a beautiful backbreaker/double foot stomp combo off the top rope to score the pinfall.

Winners and Still Smackdown Tag Team Champions: The New Day


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