WWE Super Showdown Results (6/7): The Undertaker vs Goldberg



Balor made his full “Demon” entrance compete with a host of minions that lifted him up into the air as creepy, demonic tentacles swarmed around them on the tron. Andrade is not afraid and goes right after him, dropping the champion with a quick flurry of vertical suplexes and a Gloria off the ropes, shades of Naito. Balor came back with wild kicks and running chops in the corner, Andrade caught him with an enzuigiri, but Balor countered a second Gloria attempts with Bloody Sunday! He immediately lifted up the challenger and connected with a second Bloody Sunday, but it wasn’t enough.

Andrade came back with a superkick, but Balor stood right back up and snarled at him. Another superkick, but it’s having little effect and El Idolo has no idea what to do about it. He comes out of the corner with a handspring flash kick before heading to the top rope, but Balor dodged a moonsault and Andrade immediately botched a standing moonsault – which they replayed for some reason…

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Andrade tried for a running sunset flip powerbomb over the ropes – shades of fellow Los Ingobernables member Hiromu Takahashi – but Balor caught him with a double foot stomp to the back of the next. The champion went to the top rope looking to put things away, connected with the Coup de Grace, but Andrade dug down deep and kicked out. Hammerlock DDT out of nowhere from the challenger! 1…2…NO!

Balor hit a shotgun dropkick to send his opponent to the corner and once again climbed the ropes. Andrade met him and they went back and forth swinging with rights and lefts, until Balor connected with an Avalanche Impaler DDT! Coup de Grace connects again, and…it’s over.

Winner & Still Champion: Finn Balor


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