WWE Super Showdown Results (6/7): The Undertaker vs Goldberg



Drew McIntyre got his own entrance, and stood ringside for Shane throughout the match. McMahon took it right to the Big Dog as soon as the bell rang with heavy punches in the corner, then dodged a spear and sent him flying into the ring post. Shane slowed things down for a long time, somehow dominating his opponent with various holds while stopping every few minutes to stomp him into the corner or hit him with terrible punches.

Reigns eventually rallied back with a huge right hand and went for the Superman Punch, but Shane took him out by the knees and immediately locked in a triangle leg scissors. They teased the submission until Roman slowly powered up his opponent for a huge sit-down powerbomb. McIntyre got up on the apron and Reigns went after him, sending him flying into the ring post, but turned around into a spear from McMahon. Shane went for Coast-to-Coast, but Reigns came out of nowhere and caught him with the Superman Punch!

Reigns lined up for a spear, but McMahon fell backwards and “accidentally” took out the referee temporarily. McIntyre hit the ring and leveled Reigns with the Claymore Kick. Shane made the cover for the 1…2…3.

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Winner: Shane McMahon


Lince Dorado started things out with a few quick kicks, but is otherwise completely dominated by Lars who was able to throw him across the ring with a single palm. He turned Dorado inside out with a shoulder tackle before swatting the others off the apron. Metalik hits the ring and hits a bunch of flashy handspring attacks that seem to be chipping the big man down to size. Kalisto in next with quick kicks, but he comes off the ropes and runs into a brick wall. It takes all three guys to take Lars off his feet. They all put the boots to him until the referee called for the bell.

Winner via DQ: Lars Sullivan

The lucha stars continued to kick away at Lars following the match, while Kalisto held on to his feet to keep him from getting back up. They eventually tried to leave, but the Freak chased them up the ramp and destroyed each one of them, one-by-one.


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