WWE Super Showdown Results (6/7): The Undertaker vs Goldberg



The Game made a full-on WrestleMania entrance complete with his super tricycle. They fought out to the floor early on and starting toss each other into barricades, announce tables, the ring post, etc. Orton dropped Hunter back first into the announce table and took control early on, setting into a slow, slow pace as he stalked his opponent around the ring keeping him grounded with numerous holds in between the signature Orton Stomps.

After an eternity, Triple H got some momentum going with a series of short-arm clotheslines. He went for a Pedigree but of course the Viper quickly got out of it, since he’s taken almost zero damage in this match. They fought back and forth with right hands and Orton set in with mounted punches in the corner, but the Game shoved him off and hit another clothesline. On a side note, despite the amount of people in the arena it’s so deathly silent that the sound of the building’s air conditioning is deafening.

Triple H did the “suck it” gimmick in the corner and ran right into a snap powerslam. Orton started pounding on the mat (the ring really isn’t mic’d so it did nothing), but couldn’t get the RKO. The Game dropped him with a thunderous spinebuster, but was pissed off after he couldn’t get the pin three separate times. He locked in a crossface for a few minutes, until Orton pulled himself across the ring and got to the ropes to break it.

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They went back and forth trading really slow counters, with Hunter going for the Pedigree and not finding it multiple times. Ortron dropped him with an RKO “from out of nowhere” despite it being pretty blatantly telegraphed. 1…2… he kicked out. Orton got a nasty look on his face and backed up into the corner, as commentary put over how many people’s careers he has ended with the move. Triple H caught his foot in mid-punt and delivered the Pedigree! 1…2… Orton kicked out!

Both guys slowly rolled to the floor and Triple H threw his opponent into the ring post, before dropping him into the announce table. That wasn’t enough apparently, as he picked him back up and threw him back into the table two more times, before rolling him back into the ring. He motioned for the Pedigree again to put this match away, but Orton caught him with a surprise RKO! 1…2…3!

Winner: Randy Orton


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