WWE Super Showdown Results (6/7): The Undertaker vs Goldberg



It’s time for the largest battle royal in WWE history! The ring has been double reinforced, so we are told. Dozens of Superstars from all of the brands make their way to the ring in a pack, but there’s so many people it’s impossible to tell who is all out there. Miz got his own entrance, complete with pyro. WWE U.S. Champion Samoa Joe is out next, followed by Cesaro. Titus O’Neil got a good pop and teased running down the ramp, but stopped short and rolled into the ring successfully. Elias walked out signing a song about how everyone in the ring sucks.

The bell rings and everyone immediately attacks Elias, but he is able to escape into the chaos. The Singh Brothers were body-surfed over the sea of humanity before being tossed out. There are bodies flying over every couple of second. EC3, Humberto Carillo, Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas, No Way Jose, Brian Kendrick – all gone.

Cruiserweight Champion Tony Nese was tossed out to no fanfare, and nobody noticed. A big staredown took place between Heavy Machinery, AOP and the Viking Raiders but it just resulted in more generic brawling and half of them being eliminated. Titus O’Neil was hiding under the ring, and came back in destroying everybody with big boots. He actually threw over BOTH of the Viking Raiders.

Shelton Benjamin eliminated Titus with a superkick over the ropes, and was in turn eliminated by Matt Hardy with a Twist of Fate over the top rope. Woods eliminated Buddy Murphy with an enzuigiri. Samoa Joe eliminated both Raw Tag Team Champions Hawkins & Ryder like it was nothing. Goodbye former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal.

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Otis did a double Caterpillar on…somebody, but got blindsided by Rowan who quickly threw the big man over the ropes. Rowan then tossed Xavier Woods over, before the Usos eliminated Rowan with stereo superkicks. The Revival then eliminated The Usos. Chad Gable is gone. Matt Hardy is gone.

Cesaro hit the Big Swing on Cedric Alexander before throwing him over the ropes with a slingshot. Sin Cara did some great lucha stuff to Nakamura and Cesaro including some truly impressive takedowns, but got lit up by the Kinshasa. SIN CARA NO-SOLD THE KINSHASA AND KICKED NAKAMURA OVER THE ROPES?? And it didn’t matter because Ricochet was there to eliminate Sin Cara. Very odd.

Robert Roode is history. We’re getting down to the end here as The Miz set in with his “It Kicks” on everyone he could get his hands on. Elias came out of nowhere with a running knee strike to eliminate Miz, unfortunately. NXT Superstar Mansoor Al-Shehail is actually still in the match as we’re down to the final six. Samoa Joe bullied Ali and Ricochet with some brutal shots, but the two work together to eliminate the champ!

Cesaro from behind with clotheslines to eliminate both Ricochet and Ali, which the crowd didn’t like until they realized Mansoor was left in the ring. The place EXPLODED in heat when Elias put the boots to him, and nearly jumped the barricade when he threw him over the ropes. Mansoor hung onto the ropes and skinned the cat, pulling himself back in. Elias charges, gets thrown over… and he’s gone! MANSOOR WINS THE MATCH!

Winner: Mansoor Al-Shehail


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