WWE Super Showdown Results (6/7): The Undertaker vs Goldberg



Goldberg made his way from the locker room after bashing his head against the door. I think he took a wrong turn in the building because it took him eight years to finally arrive on the ramp. A huge row of caskets rose out of the stage and druids came out carrying pillars of fire, walking past the coffins in the darkness. Undertaker rose out of the stage with a portal to the depths of hell behind him and began the slow walk to the ring. In 102-degree heat. It was a really cool visual, actually. One of Undertaker’s best entrances.

Goldberg ran his thumb across his throat and mocked the Undertaker’s taunt, so the Deadman caught him with a huge right hook. SPEAR OUT OF NOWHERE FROM GOLDBERG! Undertaker slowly got to his feet and turned around into another monstrous spear! 1…2…NO! The WCW legend couldn’t believe that was enough to get the job done, and turned around just in time to see his opponent sit up!

Undertaker dodged another spear and sent his opponent hard into the post. The juggernaut has been busted open the hard way! Taker went after him with rights and lefts in the corner, as blood poured like a faucet down Goldberg’s face. He worked over the shoulder and tried to rip it from its socket, then went to the corner looking for Old School – he gets it!

It’s chokeslam time as the Phenom signals for the end. He gets him up and connects with the chokeslam, then picks his opponent up – Tombstone Piledriver connects! 1…2…NO! Goldberg kicks out!

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Undertaker lands haymakers in the corner again and tries for a lariat, but both men collide in the center of the ring. After a beat both men got back up and started slowly teeing off with right hands, back and forth. The Deadman hit Snake Eyes and hit the rings looking for the signature jumping lariat, but Goldberg met him in the air with another massive spear. Goldberg got him halfway up looking for the Jackhammer, but the two just fell over and it ended up being an accidental Brainbuster with Undertaker spiked on top of his head. Holy shit, that was almost really bad.

Goldberg picked him back up and again went for the Jackhammer, but literally just fell over because he couldn’t lift him up. Undertaker immediately stood up and chokeslammed him, then made a quick pin. Yeah… That was NOT supposed to be finish at all.

Winner: The Undertaker

Undertaker is PISSED OFF! He got up with a terrible look on his face and then did his pose, as fireworks went up around the arena and his iconic theme song took us off the air. He actually left the ring early looking absolutely fed up, which makes sense because Goldberg just botched his finish twice in a row and dropped him on his head.

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