WWE Superstar’s Social Media Account Hacked, Conflicting Reports on Dolph Ziggler’s New Contract


Ziggler’s New Contract

There appears to be some conflicting reports on the new contract signed by WWE Smackdown Live star Dolph Ziggler. And article from Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso originally claimed he was making $1.5 million per year for two years under his new deal, but several sources are now saying that’s completely bogus information.

Dave Meltzer shot down that number on Thursday’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, noting that WWE usually “tops everybody off at a million [dollars]”, and “usually the guys at a million are a little higher in the pecking order than Dolph…” We’ve reached out to WWE for comment, but there’s a better chance of God himself telling us what Ziggler’s being paid than the company actually revealing that information to us. Either way, we’ll keep you posted.

Rhyno’s Twitter Account Hacked

It looks like WWE RAW Superstar Rhyno is the latest victim of social media hacking. The “Man Beast” had his Twitter handle changed to “MrJayGG” this afternoon, his profile picture changed and all of his tweets deleted. Below is a photo of the changes made, in the event that Twitter officials are able to restore his account.

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